Records and File Organisation

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What is an array? What is a disadvantage? An array is a way of storing multiple types of data. A disadvantage is that it can only store 1 data type.
What is the purpose of a record? A record is a way of storing multiple data types under individual items of data (fields).
What is the definition of serial files? A collection of records, stored one after another, in no particular sequence.
How are records added to serial files? Where is new data added to(appended)? Data is stored in the order that it arrives. New data is added to the end of the file.
How are files searched in serial files? Why is this a disadvantage? The whole file is searched from the beginning until the correct record is located. There are 2 disadvantages: if the file is large then search can take a long time, if the record is not present you will not know until the search is finished.
How are records deleted in serial and sequential files? Removing a record leaves a gap in the file. This means that when a file is deleted the entire file is copied to a new file without the records that will be deleted.
What is the definition of sequential files? A collection of records stored one after each other in key sequence.
How are records added to sequential files? A new record is inserted within the existing records. A new file is created and all the records are copied until the new one can be inserted into it's proper place.
How are records searched in sequential files? Files are searched from the beginning until the record is found. However if you reach a key field that is higher than the one you are searching for then the search ends as it knows the record is not present.
What are indexed sequential files ? Where records are stored using a key field, however an index is also stored which allows the records to be accessed directly
What is the other name for direct access files? Random access files
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