Physics equations GCSE

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additional GCSE science physics equations.

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Question Answer
ELECTRICITY Power: power = voltage x current (current = 'I') b94680d9-d180-418a-a58c-f52e7f5f0dfc.gif (image/gif)
Voltage: voltage = current x resistance 5adbe262-e0e5-43f3-820a-0857143c649d.png (image/png)
Charge: charge = current x time (charge = 'Q') 368eb41f-6e37-49c4-81bb-eaac2d87384e.gif (image/gif)
Energy: energy = voltage x current E - V x I
Efficiency % : efficiency = (useful energy out / total energy in) x 100 ce253747-f507-4944-9ffd-d93f53b4d3f5.gif (image/gif)
GPE: Gravitational potential energy = mass x gravity x height 28f1699b-ba7d-4651-8a37-04c486e89411.gif (image/gif)
Kinetic Energy : kinetic energy = 0.5 x mass x velocity² dde70e0f-30cc-4f6f-8013-2731a7765cef.png (image/png)