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What are some potential threats to data & the consequences for data misuse ? 1. Deliberate misuse / damage 2. Accidental abuse 3. Natural disasters 4. Faulty hardware or software 5. Theft
Name some factors to take into account when designing security policies 1. Physical security 2. Logical (software) security 3. Operational procedures 4. Personnel administration
Name some operational procedures for preventing misuse of data 1. Screening potential employees 2. . Routines for distributing updated virus information and virus scanning procedures 3. Define procedures for downloading from the Internet, use of removable media, personal backup procedures 4. Establish security rights for updating web pages 5. Establish a disaster recovery programme 6.Set up auditing procedures (Audit trails) to detect misuse
Name some methods of prevention of accidental misuse 1. Backup and recovery procedures 2. Standard backups to removable media 3. RAID systems – mirror discs (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disc) 4. Grandfather, Father, Son systems 5. Backing up program files
Name some methods prevention of deliberate crimes or misuse 1. Methods for controlling access to computer rooms 2. Methods of securing integrity of transmitted data e.g. encryption methods including private and public keys, and call-back procedures for remote access 3. Establish firewalls 4. Proxy servers 5. Methods to define security status and access rights for users 6. Methods for physical protection of hardware and software 7. Security of document filing systems
Risk Management: costs and control 1. Identify potential risks 2. Likelihood of risk occurring 3. Short and long term consequences of threat 4. How well equipped is the company to deal with threat 5. The disaster recovery programme
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