Idioms and Phrasal verbs 1

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common idioms and phrasal verbs

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He was drunk He had one two many
Thing’s getter better / improving Things are looking up
I can’t stand … his excuses I’m sick and tired of … his excuses
She invents stories She makes up stories
I won’t be able to attend the concert I won’t be able to make it to … the concert tonight
We need to take care of our nephew We need to look after our nephew
I want to put on these pants to see it it fits and looks I need to try on these pants. Where is the fitting room?
The police is investigating or trying to find the facts about sthg The police is looking into that.
You met an old friends (or sthg) at the bar by chance You came across an old friend of mine at the bar
What does NPR represent/mean? What does NPR stand for?
I’m dating Alex I’m going out with Alex
I need to reduce (the amount of sthg that I eat, spend, use, etc) sweets and greasy food. I need to cut back on sweets and greasy food.
The plane had already departed when they arrived The plane had already taken off when they arrived
I removed my jacket I took off my jacket
I began (a job, task, etc. with a particular aim or goal) to write the best essay ever written about polygamy. I set out to write the best essay ever written about polygamy
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