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The meeting continued for (too long ) hours The meeting dragged on for hours
They continued (with an activity for a period of time) painting, working, etc They carried on painting, working, etc
They repeated (an activity/ behavior many times, often in an annoying way) forgetting the keys inside the car. They kept on forgetting the keys inside the car
Be quiet and continue doing sthg often after an interruption Be quiet and get on with your work
We continued driving for several miles We drove on for several miles
The weather was great and we continued enjoying it a couple more days We stayed on for a couple more days
The traffic noise continued without changing all night The traffic noise went on all night
He talked a lot about his new car for a long time He went on and on about his car
Let’s pass from this exercise to the next exercise Let’s go on to / move on to the next exercise
I went to the airport ( bus station, etc) with sb to say goodbye to my parents. I went to the airport to see my parents off
I was separated from the rest of the city for almost a week because of the snow. I was cut off from the rest of the city for almost a week because of the snow.
We left the house in order to have a drink and dance downtown We went off to have a drink downtown
My handy husband was repairing the bicycle in a relaxed way My handy husband was messing around with the bicycle
Those naughty kids were using other students’ bicycle carelessly Those naughty kids were messing around with other students’ bicycles
I relaxed, enjoyed myself and did nothing at the pool, beach, last weekend. I lazed around/ about the pool, the beach, last weekend.
My bedroom is a mess. I have books, clothing, and shoes all over the place untidily I have books, clothing, and shoes lying around / about everywhere.
Some teenagers spend time at the mall doing nothing Some teenagers hang around / about with their friends at the mall
They didn’t want to see you and told us go away angrily as a command. They told us to clear off
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