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AAHI_Card set 6 (Terms of movement)


Diploma Básico AAHI_S1_2021 Flashcards on AAHI_Card set 6 (Terms of movement), created by Tafe Teachers SB on 07/09/2019.
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Name the movement Extension Backwards movement of arm
Name the movement Flexion Forward movement of arm
Name the movement Flexion Bending of knee to reduce angle
Name the movement Extension Straightening of the leg
Name movement 1 Flexion Forward movement of head
Name movement 2 & 3 Extension Backwards movement of head
Name movement 1 Abduction Movement of limb away from mid-line
Name movement 2 Adduction Movement of limb towards mid-line
Name movement 3 Circumduction Circular movement of limb
Name movement 1 Rotation of head Turning to either side
Name movement 2 External rotation Limb is rotated laterally, away from the mid-line
Name movement 3 Internal rotation Limb is rotated medially, towards the mid-line
Name movement 1 Inversion Medial rotation of the foot (towards mid-line)
Name movement 2 Eversion Lateral rotation of the foot (away from mid-line)
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