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covers the whole unit, main parts like chemistry topics: Periodic table info Br Diagrams--> LD diagrams--> Ionic diagrams Ionic - Compounds/Poly atomic compounds Covelant/Molecular compounds (Naming) Equations: Word Skeletal Balanced 4 types of reactions + Corrosion and Combustion

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What are the first 20 elements? H,He,Li,Be.B.C,N,O,F,Ne, Na,Mg,Al,Si,P,S,Cl,Ar,K,Ca
where is the Atomic number and the Atomic mass located Atomic Number is located in the top far left and the Atomic mass is located at the bottom under the element symbol
How do you find the amount of neutrons in an element Subtract the Atomic number from the atomic mass
what are the 3 element diagrams Bohr-Rutherford Lewis Dot Ion
which ions are positive and which are negative? An Ion is (-) negative and a Cat Ion is (+) positive.
What are the three Compounds? Ionic Compound Poly atomic Compound Molecular/Covelant Compund
What is an Ionic Compound? An Ionic Compound consists of Metals and Non-Metals
What is a Poly Atomic compound? a Poly Atomic compound consists of metals and Poly atomic ions
what is a molecular compound? a molecular compound also known as a Covelant compound consists of Non-Metals and prefixes in their names
How do you name a Ionic Compound? State the Metal State the Non-Metal Change ending of Non-Metal to -IDE
how do you name a Poly Atomic Compound State the Metal State the Poly atomic ion
what are the prefixes 1- Mono 2- Di 3- Tri 4- Tetra 5- Penta 6- Hexa
how many equations are there and what are they? there are 3 and they are: Skeletal Balanced and Word equations
what is a skeletal equation? when it has not yet been balanced
what is a Balanced equation when equation is balanced and has the same amount of atoms for each element on both sides
what is a Word equation a word form equation of reaction happening. (e.g carbon with O2 together react to make ...)
how to balance an equation balance the metals Balance the non-metals (excluding Oxygen and Hydrogen) balance the oxygen's balance the hydrogens
how many reactions are there and what are they? there are 4 and they are Synthesis Decomposition Single Displacement Double Displacement
what are the 4 reactions in equation form? synthesis- A+B-->AB Decomposition- AB-->A+B Single displacement- A+BC-->B+AC Double displacement- AB+CD-->AD+CB
what is combustion? Combustion is the burning of fuel (when fuel reacts with O2) and energy is given off.
What is Corrosion? Corrosion is the break down of metals through chemical reactions. (Rusting)
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