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Letter Your address (top left) Their Address (top right) Dear... (sir/madam if you don't know their name or editor if its to a newspaper) Yours.... (Faithfull if you don't know their name, sincerely if you do)
Newspaper article Columns Headline Photo box and captions Quotes
Newspaper (content) WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY and HOW
Review (content) TO INFORM. The review needs to tell people who is in the film, who it is by and where or when readers can see it. TO DESCRIBE. The review should describe the story, characters and some of the action - without spoiling the plot or giving too much away TO ANALYSE. A good review gives an opinion on whether the film is good or not and why. TO ADVISE. Finally, the review should tell the reader whether or not to go and see the film.
Letter (content) ...
Review ...
Leaflet ...
Leaflet (content) ...
Advice Column ...
Advice Column (content) ...
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