Typeface IDs (Kutztown University Typography)

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I do not enjoy this class.

Aleksandr Caine
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Juvenile Delinquency chapter Five
Structure, Typography & Graphology - EL&L HL
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Coastal Landscapes
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Creating Mind Maps with GoConqr
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Structure, Typography & Graphology - EL&L HL
History of Graphic Design
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Typography Assessment
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Type Rules
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typeface identification
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Question Answer
Baskerville (binary/octet-stream) Baskerville
Baskerville Italic (binary/octet-stream) Baskerville Italic
Bodoni (binary/octet-stream) Bodoni
Bodoni Italic (binary/octet-stream) Bodoni Italic
Benguiat (binary/octet-stream) Benguiat
Eurostile (binary/octet-stream) Eurostile
Garamond (binary/octet-stream) Garamond
Garamond Italic (binary/octet-stream) Garamond Italic
Helvetica Neue (binary/octet-stream) Helvetica Neue
Helvetica Neue Italic (binary/octet-stream) Helvetica Neue Italic
New Century Schoolbook (binary/octet-stream) New Century Schoolbook
New Century Schoolbook Italic (binary/octet-stream) New Century Schoolbook Italic
Palatino (binary/octet-stream) Palatino
Rockwell (binary/octet-stream) Rockwell
Stone Informal (binary/octet-stream) Stone Informal
Stone Sans (binary/octet-stream) Stone Sans
Stone Serif (binary/octet-stream) Stone Serif
Cheltenham (binary/octet-stream) Cheltenham
American Typewriter (binary/octet-stream) American Typewriter
Futura (binary/octet-stream) Futura
Futura Bold (binary/octet-stream) Futura Bold
Futura Condensed (binary/octet-stream) Futura Condensed
Bauhaus (binary/octet-stream) Bauhaus
Copperplate (binary/octet-stream) Copperplate 32
Times New Roman (binary/octet-stream) Times New Roman
Blaktur (binary/octet-stream) Blaktur
Hoefler Text (binary/octet-stream) Hoefler Text
Bernhard Modern (binary/octet-stream) Bernhard Modern
Trade Gothic (binary/octet-stream) Trade Gothic
Trade Gothic Condensed (binary/octet-stream) Trade Gothic Condensed
Playbill (binary/octet-stream) Playbill
Neutraface (binary/octet-stream) Neutraface
Paperback96 (binary/octet-stream) Paperback 96
Caslon540 (binary/octet-stream) Caslon 540
Caslon540 Italic (binary/octet-stream) Caslon 540 Italic
Gill Sans (binary/octet-stream) Gill Sans
Trajan (binary/octet-stream) Trajan
Optima (binary/octet-stream) Optima
Gotham (binary/octet-stream) Gotham
Didot (binary/octet-stream) Didot
Bickham Script (binary/octet-stream) Bickham Script
Snell Roundhand (binary/octet-stream) Snell Roundhand
Zapf Chancery (binary/octet-stream) Zapf Chancery
Edwardian Script (binary/octet-stream) Edwardian Script
Boulevard (binary/octet-stream) Boulevard
House Holiday Script (binary/octet-stream) House Holiday Script
Coquette (binary/octet-stream) Coquette
Lakeside (binary/octet-stream) Lakeside
Madre (binary/octet-stream) Madre
Kinescope (binary/octet-stream) Kinescope
Impact (binary/octet-stream) Impact
Expo Sans (binary/octet-stream) Expo Sans
Expo Serif (binary/octet-stream) Expo Serif
Triplex (binary/octet-stream) Triplex
Officina Sans (binary/octet-stream) Officina Sans
Officina Serif (binary/octet-stream) Officina Serif
Souvenir (binary/octet-stream) Souvenir
Perpetua (binary/octet-stream) Perpetua
Matrix (binary/octet-stream) Matrix
Matrix Script (binary/octet-stream) Matrix Script
Avant Garde Gothic (binary/octet-stream) Avant Garde Gothic
Cooper Black (binary/octet-stream) Cooper Black
Bookman (binary/octet-stream) Bookman
Baucher (binary/octet-stream) Baucher