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403B BJ - 1 a tax-deferred retirement plan for employees of not-for-profit organizations, such as schools, hospitals, foundations, and cultural institutions.
457 BJ - 2 is a tax-deferred retirement plan available to state and municipal employees which might include firefighters, police, and teachers.
Bait and Switch BJ - 3 The fraudulent practice of advertising and luring consumers to a store with promised products or services that then appear to be unavailable and replaced with higher priced items
Beneficiary BJ - 4 person or organization named by a policyholder to receive the death benefit of an insurance policy after the policyholder’s death.
Better Business Bureau (BBB) BJ - 5 gathers and reports information on business/service reliability and alerts and informs the public of its findings. Consumers can also file complaints with the BBB.
Electronic Messaging BJ - 6 Advertising through the use of unsolicited texts, emails, and banners on web pages
Federal Trade Commission BJ - 7 is an independent agency of the United States government, with a mission to promote consumer protection and eliminate and prevent monopolies.
Health Savings Account (HSA) BJ - 8 tax-advantaged savings account available to people enrolled in qualifying high deductible health plans
Preferred Stock BJ - 9 type of stock that pays regular dividends at a set rate.
Liability Risk BJ - 10 current or future financial obligation.
Money Market Fund BJ - 11 type of mutual fund that deals only in high interest short-term investments, such as U.S. Treasury securities, certificates of deposit, and commercial paper.
Mutual Fund BJ - 12 investment created by pooling the money of many people and investing in a collection of several securities.
Physical Assets BJ - 13 a tangible or material item usually referred to as cash, equipment, inventory and properties owned by a family or business.
Phishing BJ - 14 sending an electronic message falsely claiming to be a legitimate business for the purpose of gaining personal or financial information
Predatory Practices/Lending BJ - 15 When lenders conduct business in ways that are deceptive. They may use several fraudulent, deceptive, or discriminatory methods, to lure the consumer into practice that could lead to financial ruin.
Premium BJ - 16 amount of money regularly paid to an insurance company for a policy
Pure Risk BJ - 17 risk with a possibility of loss, but no possibility of gain
Rate of Return BJ - 18 income you collect on an investment which is a percent of the purchase price
Roth IRA BJ - 19 Individual retirement account in which individuals contribute after-tax income and qualified withdrawals are not taxed
Term Life Insurance BJ - 20 type of insurance that provides protection only for a specific period of time or until a specified age.
Traditional IRA BJ - 21 individual retirement account that allows individuals to contribute pre-tax income to investments that grow tax deferred.
Volatility BJ - 22 the amount of money returned to an investor as a result of the investment.
Valuable goods investment BJ - 23 collecting precious goods and objects as investments.
Whole Life Insurance BJ - 24 type of insurance that provides basic lifetime protection so long as the premiums are paid.
Stock Broker BJ - 25 agent who buys and sells securities for clients.
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