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Backcountry Area west of the Fall Line in colonial North Carolina
Great Wagon Road Path cut from Philadelphia, PA to Savannah, GA during colonial times that brought settlers to the Piedmont
Jamestown First successful permanent English colony in North America
John Culpeper Led a rebellion against the colonial governor of the Carolina colony to protest unfair laws
John White Artist of the first two expeditions to Roanoke Island and the governor of the third one
House of Burgesses First elected legislature in North America (Virginia)
Pilgrims Group that settled Plymouth (MA) in 1620
Ralph Lane Military man who led Raleigh's second expedition to Roanoke Island
Roanoke Island on which Raleigh attempted to plant a colony for England in the 1580s
Thomas Cary Led a rebellion against colonial governors in the Carolina colony over religious laws opposing Quakers and other dissenters of the Anglican Church
Why settlers found colonies in New England? Religious Freedom
Based on the most-accepted theory of archeologists, how did American Indians arrive in North America? A land bridge between Asia and Alaska
What groups founded colonies in New England? Separatists like the Pilgrims (Plymouth), Puritans (Massachusetts Bay), or dissenting Puritans (RI, CT, and NH)
What was the main reason for the huge decline in American Indian populations after the arrival of Columbus in 1492? Disease
How do you know Raleigh intended to create a permanent colony with his third attempt to settle Roanoke Island? He sent men, women and children instead of only men
Which groups moved to North Carolina during the colonial period? Germans, Scotch-Irish, Highland Scots, Moravians, African slaves
What were some positive effects of the Columbian Exchange on American Indians? New metal tools and weapons, guns, domesticated animals like pigs, cows, and chickens, horses that they used to hunt and conduct warfare
What were positive effects of the Columbian Exchange on Europeans? Foods like potatoes, tomatoes and corn, wealth from minerals, and land through colonial takeover
What crop saved the Jamestown colony? Tobacco
What were the founders of most Southern colonies after? Riches through finding gold or silver, wealth through plantation farming, or trade with the Indians
What was the name of the artificial boundary created by England following the French and Indian War for the purpose of keeping American colonists from moving west? Proclamation of 1763
Who fought each other during the French and Indian War? French and Indians opposed England and its colonies
What famous American led troops during the French and Indian War? George Washington
Why did the Tuscarora Indians fight colonists in Carolina between 1711-1713? They were cheated in trade, sold into slavery, and had to constantly deal with settlers trying to take land
What group was targeted by colonial laws in Carolina that led to Cary's Rebellion? Quakers
What laws imposed on American colonists forced them to use British shipping and sell products directly to England? Navigation Acts
Who did the Regulators oppose? The governor of colonial North Carolina as well as corrupt local officials
What problems led to the Regulator Movement? High fees charged by corrupt government officials coupled with the confiscation of farmers' property
Which battle ended the Regulator Movement in colonial North Carolina? Battle of Alamance
What is the exchange of foods, medicines, diseases, animals, etc. between the Old World and New World called? Columbian Exchange
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