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IN CONCIDERATION OF SOMETHING She was given a fee (хонорар) in consideration of her services. in exchange for something, or as a payment for something в замяна на, като възнаграждение за
IN ALL AND ANY CASES (only in contracts) във всеки един от случаите
1. BEAR A STRIKING SIMILARITY 2. BEAR A FAINT RESEMBLANCE to have a very strong similarity има много силна прилика има слаба прилика
CUT SOMEONE SHORT He tried to explain, but Anita cut him short. to interrupt someone who is talking so that they cannot finish what they are saying прекъсвам (някого)
IN PARTICULAR 1. Are you going anywhere in particular? 2. ‘What are you doing tonight?’ ‘Nothing in particular.’ special or important специално: 1. anyone/anything/anywhere etc in particular 2. no one/nothing/nowhere etc in particular:
CUT TO THE CHASE I haven't got all day! Will you just hurry up and cut to the chase? to start dealing with the most important aspect of something rather than things that are less relevant по същество ( ~ давай по същество, пропусни детайлите)
THE STORY HAS BEEN PASSED DOWN FROM GENERATION TO GENERATION историята се предава от поколение на поколение
THE BULK OF Women still do the bulk of domestic work in the home. I do the bulk of my shopping online. adjective: BULKY the majority or largest part of something повечето, болшинството, по-голямата част от нещо adj. bulky: (of a thing) large and difficult to move or carry (of a person) tall and heavy
BE TOAST If she finds out, we’re toast. to be in a lot of trouble да си изпатя (ако тя разбере, загубени сме)
HARDLY ANY They sold hardly any books. almost no, almost none, almost zero почти никакъв
IN BROAD DAYLIGHT It took thieves less than 15 minutes to steal the goods in broad daylight on a Saturday afternoon. during daylight hours, and surprising for this reason посред бял ден
IN THE WAKE OF = IN SOMETHING'S WAKE In the wake of Prime Minister's resignation, we had general elections. There will be a lot of rebuilding in the earthquake's wake. after and as a result of an event веднага след в резултат на като последица от използва се само с негативен смисъл и за събития, които са значими
DEATH STARE DEATH GLARE To give someone a death stare To give a death stare to somebody A hostile or contemptuous look directed at a particular person. убийствен поглед
FAIRY TAIL 1. It's a fairy tale to think humans could live on Mars. adj. FAIRY-TAIL We've been together for over ten years now, and it's still a fairy-tali. 1. a fabricated story, especially one intending to deceive измислица 2. something resemblinf fairy tale in being magical, idealized or extremely happy. приказен, вълшебен
POUND THE STREETS He is pounding the streets every morning - he is training for marathon. run тичам
SPELL TROUBLE Artificial intelligence spells trouble for the jobs market to suggest that there may be problems in the future (something spells trouble FOR another thing) предвещавам предричам (неприятности за някого, за нещо)
BLEED SOMEONE DRY The builders bled me dry - I should have got a quote first. take all of someone's money обирам до шушка някого взимам всичките му пари
LIFE EXPECTANCY the lenght of time someone is likely to live продължителност на живота
IN A BID OF They raised tax of cigarettes in a bid of of stop people smoking. In a bid to make children more active, schools increased the amount of sport. in an attempt to (achieve something) в опит да...
IN DOUBT The future of the company is still in doubt if something is in doubt, it is not certain whether it will succeed or continue to exist под въпрос, неизвестно
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