The present perfect simple

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Read and SAY the complete statement.

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We / live / in this street / 2005 We´ve lived in this street since 2005.
The Taylor family / not go / on holiday / three years The Taylor family hasn´t gone on holiday for three years.
you / buy / new clothes / last month / ? Have you bought new clothes since last month?
We / not visit / grandpa / last Saturday We haven´t visited grandpa since last Saturday.
Henrik / have / this game / six months Henrik has had this game for six months.
Jen / be / in Australia / a month / ? Has Jen been in Australia for a month?
We / do / our homework / yet We haven´t done our homework yet.
I / already / make / cookies / for my friend I´ve already made cookies for my friends.
Lilli and Tina / already / download the files in the computer. Lilli and tina have already downloaded the files in the computer.
You / tidy / your room / yet You haven´t tidied your room yet.
They / not wrap / the presents / yet We haven´t wrapped the presents yet.
My dad / already / wash / his car My dad already has washed his car.
Carrie / just / finish / her homework Carrie has just finished her homework.
you / go / paragliding / before ? Have you gone paragliding before ?
Pete / just / finish / his project Pete has just finished his project.
Everyone / just / eat / all the pizza / Everyone has just eaten all the pizza.
Jim / just / take / the bottles to the recycling center Jason has just taken the bottles to the recycling center.
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