Key People of The Great Schism

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Pope Clement V, a Frenchman, was elected as pope in 1305. He then moved his headquarters to Avignon, instantly creating conflict in the church and beginning what is known as the "Avignon Exile" or the "Babylonian Captivity". This was because the traditional headquarters of the pope was in Rome. The following popes continued to live in Avignon for over seventy years until Catherine of Siena intervened.
Catherine of Siena was an Italian nun during the Avignon Exile. She felt called by God to intervene in the situation and wrote letters to and visited reigning Pope Gregory XI, urging him to return to Rome, the traditional headquarters of the pope. Her efforts were successful when he returned to Rome in 1377.
Pope Gregory XI moved the papacy from Avignon back to Rome in 1377 when he felt convicted to do so after corresponding with Catherine of Siena.
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When Pope Gregory XI passed away shortly after returning the papal headquarters to Rome, the Italian cardinals elected Pope Urban VI as the new pope in 1378. He was an Italian. This outraged the French cardinals, who wanted the new pope to be a Frenchman.
The enraged French cardinals stormed off to Avignon and elected their own pope in 1378, Frenchman Pope Clement VII. This split the church world in two with two men claiming the papacy, thus beginning The Great Schism.
When the Council of Constance elected Pope Martin V, an Italian, as pope in 1417, the Great Schism ended as both the French and the Italians recognized him as pope. Despite it's unity under this man, the church was weakened after the Great Schism because it lost much respect.
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