The French Revolution

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The French Revolution Took place after the American Revolution
The King & Queen of France King Louis Queen Marie Antoinette
Enlightenment New way of thinking Questioning ideas Democracy
French Writers of the Enlightenment Rousseau Voltaire
The Estates General The name for the French Government
The First Estate The Church Rich - Tithe Pay no taxes
The Second Estate The Nobility 100,000 Pay no taxes
The Third Estate The rest of the French population 90% of the population Ordinary people Pay all the taxes
The French Government were bankrupt Excess spending ....... War Extravagant Lifestyle
Who were the only group to pay taxes?? The Third Estate
Who doesn't want change to take place?? The king & Queen The First Estate - Church The Second Estate - Nobility
On return from America...... How do you think the 6,000 French soldiers felt about France?? They wanted change They wanted freedom They wanted democracy
National Assembly New name for the third estate that wanted change
The Tennis Court Oath Promise They would not go home until the third estate had gotten change
Tri colour Red & Blue = Traditional Colours of Paris White = Monarchy
Sans Colottes The Poor people of Paris
The Bastille French Prison in the centre of Paris
Storming the Bastille
Old system of government was called The Ancien Regime
Born to be King Divine Right of Kings
Voting System was Rigged How? Block Voting 1 group got one vote 1st & 2nd Estate would always vote with king
Third Estate made an Oath on the Tennis Court What was it? Wouldn't leave until they got change New fair laws
Location of the Royal Palace Versailles
King & Queen tried to escape France to go where? Holland
Where were the King & Queen captured? Varennes
How were the King & Queen killed? By Guillotin
A time of fear in France The Reign of Terror
Leader of the committee of public safety Robespierre
How many were killed in the Reign of Terror? 40,000
What type of people were killed in the Reign of terror? Clergy Nobility Shopkeepers who overcharged Any enemy of the revolution
The radicals of the revolution Wanted change to happen quickly Jacobins
How was Robespierre killed? Guillotine
New Emperor of France Napoleon Bonaparte
France was no longer an absolute monarchy..... it was a... A republic
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