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Type of Swelling
Anterior of Shoulder Joint
ROM: GH Joint
ROM: AC Joint & SC Joint AC: Horizontal Adduction, Horizontal abduction, External Rotation, Internal Rotation SC: Horizontal extension (Abd), Horizontal Flexion (Add)
Muscle Testing Range
Apley Scratch Test
Infraspinatus Test/Teres Minor
Palpate Landmarks
Medical Epicondyle Ulnar n. readily palpated w/ elbow flexed (60 deg), abducted, externally rotated Palpated in inter muscular septum, runs in ulnar groove of trochlea 2cm above epicondyle: site for LN palpation
Tinel's Sign Eliciting paresthesias in territory of ulnar n. allow assessment of likely site of compression Thenar & Hypothenar eminences, flexor & extensor tendons, styloid processes, Hook of hamate, pisiform, scaphoid tubercle, palmar & dorsal wrist, distal radius & ulna, Radial tubercle, anatomical snuffbox, bicipital groove, greater & lesser tuberosity
False negative affects... False positive affects... False negative affects sensitivity (only account for about 30%) False positive affects specificity
Separate GH Disease Fracture (humeral), Cartilage pathology (labral tear), muscle pathology (rotator cuff), bursa pathology (subacromial & sub deltoid), tendon pathology (bicipital), ligamentous pathology (impingement/AC separation), referred pain (intra thoracic/intra abdominal cervical)
Posterior Shoulder Inspection
Anterior Shoulder Inspection
Neer/Hawkins Test
Empty Beer Can Test
GH Instability: Apprehension Test
GH Instability: O'Brien's Test
Yergason's Test
Drop Arm Test
Lift Off Test/Gerber Lift Off Test
Finkelstein's Test
Fromen's Test
Tinel's Sign
Phalen's Test
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