3. Huawei H13-511. Storage Technologies

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3. H13-511 Huawei Storage Technologies

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What are the common storage device categories? What are the different? 1. Closed Storage System 2. Open Storage System 2.1 Built-in Storage 2.2 Attached Storage 2.2.1 DAS 2.2.2 FAS NAS SAN
What are the functions of RAID? Redundant Array of Independent Disk, is a storage technology that combines multiple physical disks into a logical unit for improving data redundancy and performance.
What are the common RAID Levels? What are the technical priciples? RAID0,1,5,10.
What are the advantages of Multipathing? 1. Host that have multiple HBA´s and one virtual disk can connect to each other through multiple paths, 2. The multipathing software balances I/O loads dynamically among paths, improving the overall server performance. 3. The multipathing software test I/O paths practively and enables automatic path recovery. The multipathing software supports a high-availability cluster.
What is the principle of snapshot? What are the applications of snapshot? Principle: The original disk file of the VM becomes a read-only snapshot file, and the VM is redirected to a new disk file through I/O redirection. Afterwards, the new data is written to the new disk file, and the old data is read still on the original disk file. Application: 1. can be used by administrator to save, recover, and maintain VM´s, providing rich experience for end users. 2. The feactures derived from snapshot include linked clones and non-persistent disks, wich provide custimers with multiple value-added services.
Raid increases the data read efficiency and also provides the data backup function (True or false) F
What are the common storage device categories? a) DAS b) SAS c) NAS d) SAN a,c,d ( creo que está mal redactada la pregunta)
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