7. Huawei H13-511. Architecture and Principle of FusionCompute

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7. Huawei H13-511. Architecture and Principle of FusionCompute

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What are the major functions of Fusion Compute? The FusionCompute is a cloud operating system (OS). It virtualizes computing, storage, and network resources, and implements centralized management and scheduling of the virtual resources through a unified interface. The FusionCompute provides high system security and reliability and reduces operational costs. It helps carriers and enterprises build secure, green, and energy-saving data centers.
What are the major components of FusionCompute? What are their functions? 1. CNA: Implements the virtual computing function. Manages the VMs running on the CNA. Manages the computing, storage, and network resources of the CNA. 2. VRM: Manages block storage resources in the cluster. Allocates private IP addresses for virtual machines (VMs) using Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). Manages nodes in the computing cluster and maps physical computing resources to virtual computing resources. Manages network resources, such as IP addresses, virtual local area network (VLAN) numbers, and DHCP severs in the cluster and allocates IP addresses to VMs. Manages the life cycle of VMs in the cluster and distributes and migrates VMs across CNAs. Dynamically adjusts resources in the cluster. Implements centralized management of virtual resources and user data and provides elastic computing, storage, and IP address services. Allows O&M engineers to remotely access FusionCompute through a web interface to perform resource monitoring and management and view resource statistics reports. 3. Host. 4. ESC y 5. IMGS
What are the feactures of FusionCompute? Unified Virtualization Platform Support for Various Hardware Platforms Big Cluster Automatic Resource Scheduling Rights Management Comprehensive O&M Cloud Security
What are the major operations provided by FusionCompute? Host and cluster management Storage management Network management Virtual Machine management Configuration management Security management Monitoring Health Check Back up and Recovery Fault management
The major funtion of FusionCompute is to virtualize and schedule hardware resources such as servers and storage system? (True or False) T
Which of the following are the function modules of FusionCompute? a) VRM b) CNA c) ESC d) IMGS a,b,c,d
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