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Re-urbanization Development of activities to increase residential pop densities within existing built-up area of a city.
Urbanization Increasing % of pop come to live in towns & cities.
Counter-urbanization Movement of pop away from inner urban areas to new town, estate, commuter town, village on edge/fringe.
Sub-urbanization Outward growth of cities to engulf surrounding villages & rural areas.
Suburb residential area within/outside boundaries of city.
Urban sprawl Unplanned physical expansion of urban area into countryside.
Brownfield site Abandoned, derelict, under-used industrial buildings & land that may be contaminated but have potential for redevelopment.
Sustainable urban management strategy Maintain/improve quality of life for current & future dwellers.
Ecological footprint Theoretical measurement of amount of land & water a pop requires to produce the resources it consumes & to absorb its waste under prevailing technology.
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