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What are the 4 organs of the plant? The Roots, the stem, the leaves and the flower
What are the main tissue layers of the leaf?(From the top) From the Top....Wax Cuticle, Upper Epidermis, Palisade Layer, Spongy Mesophyll, Lower Epidermis, Wax cuticle (Includes Stomata)
What are the pores on the leaf where the gases diffuse in and out? Stomata
What are the stomata controlled by? The Guard Cells
What is the wax layer for? To keep water in
Why are the upper layers of the leaf so thin? For maximum absorption of light
What are the transport tissues you also find in the leaf that carry water and nutrients from the root? Xylem and Phloem
Where does photosynthesis take place? In the chlorophyll within the plant cell
What is the equation for photosynthesis?
Why does photosythensis not take part in anywhere in the root? No chlorophyll
What layer does photosyntheis take place in? The palisade layer
What specialised cell in the root helps the plant get the water that it requires for photosynthesis? The root hair cell
What is a limiting factor? A limiting factor is a part of the equation that is in short supply and therefore limits (or slows down) the speeding up of the rate of reaction
What are the three limiting factors of photosynthesis? Light, Temperature and Carbon Dioxide
What are Algae? Single celled plant organisms
What is the uses of the glucose made by plants during photosynthesis? For respiration, storage (as starch), to make cellulose (in cell walls) and to make proteins (such as chlorophyll)
What is a greenhouse for? For artificial control of photosynthesis to make plants grow faster. They can be lit all day, pumped full of COz or have temperature regulators
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