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K e y w o r d s __ f l a s h c a r d s ! ! !


These flash cards I have made using all the content from my k e y w o r d s mind map, but in flash card form, making it easier to learn. the two types of cards are definitions and examples. Enjoy!!!
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What does input mean? An input device is anything that can be used to enter data into a computer.
What does output mean? An output device is a piece of computer hardware used to display or output information that has been processed or stored in a computer.
What is a computer? A computer is a device that can take some inputs (data), process the data and output a result (information).
What is a sensor? A sensor is a device that can detect and respond to some type of data from the physical environment.
What is software? You cannot touch software. Software refers to the programs that run on the computer, rather like music playing on a CD.
What is peripheral? (of a device) able to be attached to and used with a computer, though not an integral part of it.
What is hardware? You can touch hardware, like a music CD. Hardware is the machines, wiring and other physical components of a computer or other electronic system.
What is a process? An instance of a program being executed in a multitasking operating system, typically running in an environment that protects it from other processes.
What are some examples of input devices? Some examples of input devices are: keyboards and mice.
What are some examples of output devices? Some examples of output devices are: printers, monitors, projectors and speakers.
What are some examples of computers? Some examples of computers are: microwaves, TVs, iPads and iPhones.
What are some examples of sensors? Some examples of sensors are: motion sensors, smoke sensors and heat sensors.
What are some examples of software? Some examples of software are: Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Windows.
What are some examples of peripheral devices? Some examples of peripheral devices are: keyboards and printers.
What are some examples of hardware devices? Some examples of hardware devices are: disks, disk drives, display screens, keyboards, printers, boards and chips.
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