Nail diseases and disorders


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Indentations that run across the nail horizontally Beau's lines
Blue tinge to nail above lunula Blue nail
Bruised nail Normally caused by injury to nail bed, may fall off during healing
Spoon shaped or flat nails, often thin & soft Koilonychia
Lamella dystrophy splitting/peeling of nails
white spots or lines within nail plate Leuconychia
Thin fragile nails which split easily, lose shine, may smell, and separates Onychatrophia
Onychauxis thickening/overgrowth of nail plate, possibly caused by psoriasis or trauma
Inflammation of nail folds with formation of pus and shedding of nail Onychia
Ingrown nail Onychocryptosis
Onychogryphosis Increase in curvature and thickness of nails
Lifting of nail from nail bed Onycholysis
Tinea ungium or ringworm of the nail Onychomycosis
Onychophagy severe biting of nails
Periodic shedding of nail(s) Onychoptosis
Onychorrhexis Nails become more brittle & begin to split vertically
Paronychia Bacterial/fungal infection causing skin to become red and hot. Painful, pus may be present, gradual thickening & discolouration of nail plate
Small circulation (dot) depressions in nail plate Pitting
Pterygium Inward advance of skin over nail plate, usually due to trauma of matrix
Infection of the bloodstream Sepsis
Vertical & transverse ridges Vertical; indentations in nail from cuticle to free edge Transverse; horizontal indentations across width of nail. May be indication of medical condition
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