Edward Thomas

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AQA AS Level Edward Thomas poetry

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QUOTES FOR MEMORY 'I have mislaid the key' - Old Man 'think what it is I am remembering' - Old Man 'And have forgotten since their beauty passed' - Tears 'Begin to seek as far as heaven, as hell' - The Glory 'I cannot bite the day to the core' - The Glory 'I know not how' - Lights Out 'What I desired I knew not' - Melancholy
QUOTES FOR INDECISION 'What did the thrushes know?' - March 'Should I be content with discontent/As larks or swallows are perhaps with wings?' - The Glory 'I know not how' - Lights Out 'What I desired I knew not' - Melancholy 'Only an avenue, dark, nameless, without end' - Old Man
QUOTES FOR PERSONAL EMOTION 'I must enter, and leave, alone' - Lights Out 'All that I ever did/For you seemed coarse' - No one so much as you 'Since I was born into this solitude' - Rain 'Like me who have no love' - Rain 'We cannot other than an aspen be' - Aspens 'Rumours of what had touched my friends, my foes, or me' - Melancholy 'Look at the old house/Outmoded, dignified' - Gone, Gone Again 'In its beds have lain/Youth, love, age and pain' - Gone, Gone Again 'That I lose my way/And myself' - Lights Out
QUOTES FOR HOPE AND OPTIMISM 'Now I know that Spring will come again' - March 'small birds dung/In splashes of purest white' - But these things also 'In hope to find whatever it is I seek' - The Glory
QUOTES FOR HOPELESSNESS 'Helpless among the living and the dead' - Rain 'I have kept/A helpless fretting' - No one so much as you 'Still breathing and interested' - Gone, Gone Again 'Dark and untenanted' - Gone, Gone Again
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