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Histology Histology: The microscopic study of tissues.
What is the order of the levels of organization in the body, from smallest to largest? Chemical, Cellular, Tissue, Organ, Systemic, Body (CH.C.T.O.S.B)
Hypertrophy Hypertrophy: An increase in the size of cells without cell division.
What is the order of the layers of skin from most superficial to most deep? Epidermis, Dermis, Subcutaneous
What are the 3 types of Epithelial Membranes? The 3 types of Epithelial Membranes are: Cutaneous, Mucous, and Serous.
Skin is a part of what type of Epithelial Membrane? Cutaneous.
Which Epithelial Membrane would contain the Nasal, Oral Mucosa, and the entire Gastrointestinal Tract? Mucous Membranes.
Which type of epithelial membrane are the pleura? Serous.
Which Epithelial Membrane would contain the Pericardium, Peritoneum, Pleura, and the Mesentries? Serous.
Fibrocartilage Rigid and made of dense fibrous tissue, such as the cartilage in intervertebral disks.
What is a broad flat tendon? Aponeurosis.
What is the order of these major structures of the brain stem, starting with most superior / cranial? Diencephalons, Midbrain, Pons, Medulla Oblongata
Which is a function of the autonomic nervous system under parasympathetic control? Increased peristalsis.
Which is a gland the size of a grape? Pituitary.
What receives oxygenated blood from the pulmonary veins? The Left Atrium.
What is a hormone secreted by the pyloric area of the stomach and duodenum? Gastrin.
Ligaments Ligaments: Connects bone to bone.
What is a section of skin supplied by a single spinal nerve? Dermatome.
Which means closer to the trunk or point of origin? Proximal.
Where is the ulna relative to the radius? Medial.
In which plane does the action of flexion and extension occur? Saggital.
Where is the cervical region? Neck.
What are some energetic manipulation techniques that involve the liver meridian beginning at the great toe, ending at the chest, and is associated with the flow of ki? Acupressure, Acupuncture, and Shiatsu.
When the elbow extends, what is the biceps? Antagonist.
Where does the Extensor Carpi Radialis Longus originate? The Lateral Supracondylar ridge of the Humerus.
Where is the Medial Longitudinal Arch? Calcaneus to the first Metatarsal.
How many phalanges does the foot have? 5.
What best describes the shape of Pectoralis Major? Convergent.
What movement occurs at the Radioulnar Joint? Rotation.
Which muscle flexes the elbow, supinates the forearm, and flexes the shoulder? Biceps Brachii.
Which muscle originates at the Posterior Iliac Crest? Quadratus Lumborum.
Which muscle of the right forearm would be used to turn a screwdriver clockwise? Supinator.
Which muscle extends and laterally rotates the hip, and flexes the knee? Biceps Femoris.
What type of contraction occurs when one lowers a book onto a table? Eccentric.
Deltoids have predominantly what type of fibers? Deltoids have fast twitch fibers.
What happens in an isotonic muscle contraction? Isotonic Muscle Contraction: Length of the muscle changes (muscle tone/tension remains constant)
The hip is what type of joint? Ball and Socket.
What is inflammation of the sheath surrounding a tendon? Tenosynovitis.
Congenital Disease Congenital Disease: Disease present at childbirth.
What refers to a disease of short duration? Acute.
What is the expected outcome of a disease? Prognosis.
What refers to the decreasing size of tissue? Atrophy.
Which rhythms repeat themselves every 24 hours? Circadium Rhythms.
What is the growth of a calcium deposit in soft tissues, which is always a local contraindication for massage? Myositis Ossificans.
What are amphetamines, adrenergic medications, anticonvulsants, and antiparkinson agents? Central nervous system medications
What is the order of the five stages of acute fracture healing after hematoma formation and before remodeling? Cellular Proliferation, Callus Formation, Ossification
Ossification Ossification: The processes contributing to bone development. Begins at the 6th and 7th week of embryonic life and continues throughout adulthood.
What results in the popping sound of the temporomandibular joint? Subluxation.
What kind of fracture involves an incomplete break in the bone causing it to split, common in children? Greenstick Fracture.
What is considered a Cervical acceleration-deceleration injury? Whiplash.
What is Plantar Fasciitis? Pain and inflammation from Calcaneus to Metatarsals.
What is a lateral curvature of the spine? Scoliosis.
Which area is associated with the cephalic vein and the nerves of the brachial plexus? The Axillary Area.
What are the sides of the anterior triangle of the neck endangerment site? SCM, Mandible, and Trachea.
Dilating blood vessels is a massage effect of which system? The Cardiovascular System.
If a client is functioning from parasympathetic nervous system dominance, what would be an appropriate initial stroke? Gentle rocking.
Cryotherapy Cryotherapy: The external application of cold for therapeutic purposes.
What is the R.I.C.E.S. First Aid principle? Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation, Stabilization.
What is the maximum temperature that the skin can tolerate for a hot bath? 115 degrees Fahrenheit or 46 degrees Celsius
Which is the best transition stroke? Effleurage.
Which massage technique helps reduce scar tissue? Cross-fiber friction.
What is a direct physical effect of massage? Mechanical Effect.
What has beneficial effects similar to exercise? Active Joint Movements.
What has beneficial effects similar to exercise? Cross-fiber Friction.
True of False: Cupping is a type of friction. False.
Which stretching technique has the client stretch into resistance and apply light contraction? Unassisted Static Stretching.
What technique on the leg would create mobility at the hip joint? Rocking.
Which stroke would be best for a ticklish client? Compression.
Which is not advisable for pregnancy massage in the second and third trimesters? Lying Prone.
What is initially induced by cryotherapy? Vasoconstriction.
What is appropriate for a client with chronic constipation? Stimulate peristaltic contraction of the large intestine.
If a client has a forward head position, what is the most appropriate treatment? Lengthen and stretch upper trapezius and splenius
If a client has toeing out when walking, what is the most appropriate treatment? Stretch the plantar flexor muscles.
What is done if a client has thoracic outlet syndrome? Lengthen scalenes, SCMs, pecs, and neck extensors.
What is Thoracic Outlet Syndrome?
What would trigger points along the psoas, quadratus lumborum, and hamstrings contribute to? Low back pain.
Where on the SOAP chart are referrals documented? Plan.
Would prescribing treatment be considering inside the scope of practice for a Licensed Massage Therapist? Nope.
What is the joint movement that requires the therapist to move the relaxed client? Passive Range of Motion.
A tight and short psoas would decrease the function of which muscle? Gluteus Maximus.
What would most likely make the pelvis tilt forward? Weak abdominal muscles. (79)
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