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What is the a radius? Half of the diameter of a circle
What is a diameter? The full length across the middle of a circle
How do you find circumference? Two times pi times the radius (2nr)
What is the measure of the angle if given the arc? If central angle, they are the same. If inscribed angle, the arc divided by 2
How do you find the measure of a pair of adjacent angles when given the arcs on both sides? Average the two arcs
What is an inscribed angle An angle where the vertex is on the side of the circle instead of the middle
What is a central angle An angle who's vertex is in the middle of the circle
What are tangent angles angles who's vertex lies outside of the circle, and the lines cross at one point on the sides of the circle
How many degrees are in half of a circle (Semicircle) 180
How many degrees are in an entire circle 360
To find the measure of a tangent angle you... Subtract the smaller arc from the larger arc and divide by 2
What is a major arc An arc that is greater than 180
What is a minor arc An arc that measures less than 180
What are concentric circles Circles that lie in the same plane, and share the same midpoint
What is a semicircle Half of a circle
What is circumference Distance all of the way around the circle
What is a chord A line whos endpoints are on the edge of a circle
How do you find the diameter of a circle Multiply the radius by 2
What is a circle When all points are the same length apart from the center
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