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English Language AQA :)
Question 1 -Read through article, highlight key points -Change info into your own words -Cover the whole article -Respond to the question -Identify implied points that are not said explicitly
Question 2 -Read through headline and picture and jot down things that are effective -Briefly read through text and highlight links -Highlight key quotations -Structure:- headline with link then picture with links -Make them equal size
Question 2 continued -Analyse language in headline not broad, generic features i.e. big, bold etc -Identify what is in the picture and the effect of this -Always explain why it is effective - how it helps to achieve the purpose of the article -Aim for at least three points for each
Question 3 -Highlight the thoughts and feelings -Say thoughts and feelings that are not said directly -Write the thought or feeling in the margin -Identify thought or feeling then explain how you know, analyse the language to prove your point
Question 3 continued -Say direct thoughts and feelings but move on quickly -Where a thought or feeling is implied but not said directly you will get more marks -Be detailed - clear explanation -This thought or feeling - this is the evidence - this is why i think this
Question 3 continued -Try to include eight thoughts or feelings
Question 4 -Identify the purpose and any secondary purposes that will allow you to link and compare them -look for the following things:- -The person 1st/2nd/3rd -Formality -Semantic fields -Any other linguistic features
Question 4 continued -Audience -With each area identify what the author does then explain how it is effective, how does it help to achieve the purpose -Compare at each stage - use comparative language e.g. similarly, in contrast, while source 1... etc.
Question 4 continued -If in doubt talk about word choices - why did they pick that word and not another one
Question 5 - Structure:- -Introduction - brief overview -Beginning of incident -End of incident -Conclusion
Question 5 continued -Read the question - what is the purpose, audience, format -Plan your answer using a three point structure -Clear and engaging opening -Topic sentence develop into paragraph, conclude the paragraph -Linking topic sentence, develop, conclude
Question 5 continued -Repeat -Conclude addressing the purpose and the audience -Proofread -Check - spelling, punctuation, complete sentences, sentence variety, vocabulary etc
Question 5 continued -Be descriptive - similes/ metaphors/ adverbs/ adjectives/ careful vocab choices -SHOW OFF YOUR SKILLS
Question 6 -Same as question 5 -Structure:- -Introduction -First point -Add on point -Second point -Add on point
Question 6 continued -Third point -Add on point -Conclusion
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