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What is a radio button?
What is a check box?
How can you verify if a radio button is selected? With the property checked. Example: if (document.getElementById("male").checked == true)
What will be the final value of amount after executing the code: var amount = 10 amount = amount + 20 amount = 30 As it had a value of 10 and it is used to accumulate 20
Common name of a device that detects a signal, that is a form of energy, and converts it to another Sensor
Which are the sensors included in a phone?
What is the purpose of the instruction Math.floor() ? Round down a number Example: The result of Math.floor(9.9) is 9
The instruction Math.floor (Math.random()*10)+1 will produce a random number in the range of: Numbers from 1 to 10
How would you generate a random number from 0 to 27 var number = Math.floor(Math.random()*28)
Which are the parts of a for loop? for (var i=0; i<limit; i++){ block of instructions to repeat } These are: initialization of the counter, condition to be in the loop, increment of the counter and instructions to repeat
i = 6 Because the last value of the variable is the one that makes the condition false
It will be executed 3 times: when i = 0, then i=1 and i=2 when i=3 the loop ends
There are 2 conditions that would work perfect: count<=20 OR count<21 as both include 20
Prompt() Example: var name = prompt ("Please enter your name");
How could you create an array that holds the first 3 months of the year? var months = ['Jan', 'Feb','Mar'];
How could you show the 2nd element of the array named months in a pop-up window? alert ( months[1] ) because the first position of the array is zero!
What property tells how many elements are included in an array? the property length Example: var myarray = [2020, 2016] var total = myarray.length
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