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Some delightful little cards from the COMP3 syllabus. Enjoy!
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Network Two or more devices connected together using a transmission medium and protocols to share data/resources
Transmission Media The physical path between transmitter and receiver
Serial Data Transmition Where bits are transmitted one after the other along a line
Synchronous Transmission Where groups of bits are combined into frames and frames are sent continuously with or without data
Asynchronous Transmission Where groups of bits are sent as independent units with start/stop flags
Parallel Data Transmission Where more than one line/channel of bits are sent but each in series
Baud Rate The rate at which the voltage of transmission can be changed
Bit Rate Number of bits per second
Bandwidth A measure of range of frequencies that a transmission medium can use without a significant reduction in strength
Latency A measure of the time between sending and receiving
Start Bit A bit used to show the start of a frame
Stop Bit A bit used to show the end of a frame
Protocol Set of rules for communication and the exchange of data
Baseband The whole bandwidth is taken over to transmit the frame. Computers take it in turn and the network must manage collisions
Broadband The bandwidth is split into multiple channels
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