Integumentary System

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Lab review ch 7

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Simple Cuboidal Epithelium
pseudo stratified columnar epithelium
simple squamous epithelium
simple columnar epithelium
stratified squamous epithelium
stratified cuboidal epithelium
stratified columnar epithelium
transitional epithelium
embryonic connective tissue
areolar connective tissue
adipose connective tissue
reticular connective tissue
dense regular connective tissue
elastic connective tissue
dense irregular connective tissue
hyaline cartilage
elastic cartilage
osseous tissue
blood cells in a fluid matrix
skeletal muscle tissue
cardiac muscle tissue
smooth muscle tissue
Tissues groups of cells that are similar in structure and function
Organs tissues of similar function grouped together
Epithelial Tissue a sheet of cells that covers a body surface or lines a body cavity
Basement Membrane epithelial cells attach to this adhesive lining
simple epithelia consisting of one layer
stratified consisting of two or more layers of cells
squamous scale-like
cuboidal cube-like
columnar column-shaped
pseudostratified epithelium single layer of cells that vary in height and their nuclei lie at different levels above the basement membrane
transitional epithelium stratified squamous epithelium formed or rounded or "plump" cells with the ability to slide over one another to allow the organ to be stretched
endocrine glands lose their surface connection (duct) as they develop, so they're considered ductless glands; they secrete hormones into the extracellular fluid
exocrine glands retain their ducts, and their secretions empty through these ducts either to the body surface or into body cavities
nervous tissue
Sebum product of sebaceous glands; mixture of oily substances and fragmented cells that acts as a lubricant to keep the skin soft and moist
dermal stages
epidermis model labeled
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