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The fire service uses an organizational structure based on rank True
Staff personnel deliver emergency services directly to external customers False
Guide to decision making in an organization Policy
Set of principles developed through consensus Standard
Detailed plan of step-by step action for conducting policy Procedure
Collection of rules enacted by law in a particular jurisdiction Code
Which of the following fire services trends of change means that fire departments must provide some type of first responder care? Emergency Medical Services
Which cultural strength within the fire service means a firefighter's behavior should involve right or just behavior with an emphasis on trust? Moral Character
Many fire departments take the ______ approach by providing a variety of services to their communities? All Hazards
The layers in the fire service organizational pyramid are composed of what Personnel assigned by rank and duty
What is the primary duty of firefighter 1 level personnel? Perform assigned tasks under supervision of a firefighter 2 or a company officer
Which position in the fire service is responsible for supervising a fire company? Fire Department Officer
What is the first step to locating information in your departments regulations? Ask your supervisor
Which of the following organizations that interact with the fire service can be helpful in alerting the public in large-scale evacuations? Media
The risk management model developed by the Pheonix (AZ) fire department is focused on behaviors that support a safety first mindset True
Effective safety and health programs depend only on participation from department administrators False
Firefighters should never stand on or in a moving apparatus, no exceptions False
One way to help minimize risk at an emergency is to work individually as each firefighter sees fit. False
Which of the following is an individuals responsibility in the prevention of respiratory diseases? Wear appropriate level of respiratory protection.
Which of the following is the most comprehensive standard relating to fire fighter safety and health? NFPA 1500
Occupational safety and health administration (OSHA) regulations relate to federal and private sector employees who fight fires
Which of the following typically causes back injuries and strains associated with fire stations and facilities? Improper lifting
Which of the following is the best way to practice safety with tools and equipment? Select appropriate tool for the job
When is a collapse zone established? When a defensive strategy is adopted
Which of the following personnel accountability systems requires the accountability officer to record an expected exit time? SCBA tag system
The public answering point (PSAP) is a category of? Telecommunication Systems
What percentage of the US has access to the 911 system? 96%
The public information officer (PIO) is the contact person for? Non emergency or complaint calls
Which of the following is a responsibility when monitoring a fire stations watch room or booth? Notifying crew members of telephone calls
Assigned units should confirm receipt of dispatch information according to local protocol after: Dispatch Transmission
internal communications involve transmissions between incident commander and: units at the emergency scene
Which of the following best describes the part of a mobile radio system usually located in the cab within reach of the driver/operator Receiver and a trasmitter
Most fire departments have a _____ assigned for dispatching Channel
Which of the following best describes what first happens when a radio is turned on in a trunked radio system? The system controller is notified
Which of the following is a feature that sends an alert signal to an agency's dispatch center? Dynamic Regrouping
Vehicle engines, electric motors, and computers all fall into which category of radio limitations? interference
When using a microphone, good practice is to: key the microphone and wait a second for a signal to capture an antenna
Size and moisture content affect how wood reacts to fire True
Heated gypsum may crack and shatter when struck by a cold fire stream False
Buildings are composed of the same components, all of which can prevent or contribute to fire growth. True
Which of the following common building materials performs well under fire conditions but can lose strength through spalling? Reinforced concrete
Which of the folloing construction types is considered to be the most collapse resistant Type 1
Atmosphere-supplying respirators (ASRs) only filter particulates out of ambient air False
Air-Purifying respirators (APRs) are classified in three categories of filter degradation: N, R and P True
SCBA checks should be performed only once a week False
The inspection period for protective breathing apparatus is established by NFPA 1852 True
Empty SCBA cylinders should be kept with full sylinders False
SCBA air supply duration depends only on physical condition False
Which of the following types of protective clothing is designed to prevent heat transfer from fire to the body? Structural Fire Fighting
Which of the types of special protective clothing may be dual certified for emergency medical use? Technical Rescue
Which of the NFPA definied types of cleaning does not require removal from service? Routine
Which of the following respiratory hazards is most commonly caused by combustion Oxygen Deficiency
Which of the following respiratory hazards targets the heart and the brain? Hydrogen Cyanide
Which of the following wearer limitations for respiratory protection requires the user to have the ability to overcome stress and fear? Psychological limitations
Which of the following equipment limitations of respiratory protection can result in minor leaks? Poor condition of apparatus
Which of the following safety precautions taken when refilling SCBA prevents it from overheating? Fill cylinder slowly
Which of the following is a non emergency exit indicator Necessary to replace air cylinder
Which of the following is an emergency exit indicator? SCBA Failure
Which of the following non emergency exit techniques requires using the same path to exit an IDLH environment as to enter? Egress paths
there is no standard that regulates requirements for life safety rope False
Synthetic rope is resistant to mildew, mold and rotting True
ONly life safety rope must be inspected after each use? False
There are two parts of rope used when tying a knot False
Which of the following types of rope construction is used for life safety rope? Kernmantle rope
Which of the following BEST describes what could happen id a rope is subjected to a sustained load for more than two days? Rope may break well below the rated load limit
What type of webbing is best suited for use as a part of a search line system Utility Webbing
A tighter bend in a knot leads to more strength lost in the knot
which type of knot is used as a safety measure when tying other knots? overhand safety
the load ability of a rope must exceed weight of object hoisted
Which of the following is BEST to use when creating a mechanical advantage for hoisting? Pulley
Fire fighters use knowledge of building floor plan to conduct effective structural searches True
Ultimate responsibility for size-up rests with the first arriving officer on-scene? False
If there is a possibility of extreme fire behavior, a Fire fighter should not attempt entry until coordinated fire control and ventilation is implemented True
To exit a building, turn in the same direction you entered a room False
Before entryinto an immediately dangerous to life and health area, fire fighters should be aware of alternate means of egress True
During the primary search, firefighters check both known and likely locations of victims and fire conditions True
Most occupants will need assistance when evacuating a structure False
Escape is the best option when a firefighter has completely exhausted air supply? True
After a MAYDAY transmission, the rescue intervention team (RIC) should first gather needed equipment False
After locating the downed firefighter, the first priority of the RIC team is usually stabilize injuries False
Which of the following situational awareness clues alert firefighters to the possibility a building may be occupied? Vehicles in the driveway
Which of the following is the BEST way to perform a quick visual survey of conditions while on the fire floor Get low to the floor
Which of the following victim removal methods is common in both hospitals and correctional facilities Shelter in place
Which of the following is the most important survival technique for firefighters? Avoid potential hazards
Which of the following MAYDAY situations is most common when a structure has been on fire for an extended period of time or while it is under construction? Collapse/Trapped
Which of the following survival actions is best used in order to buy more time to escape? Seek safe haven
Vehicle mounted generators produce more power than portable units True
Fixed lights are used to light remote areas of the incident False
Only junction boxes and adapters are required to be waterproof; other auxiliary electrical equipment may not need to be False
Which of the following is the most common power source used by emergency services personnel Electrical generators
Which of the following best describes the limitations of electrical cables and extension cords? They should only be used with equipment whose power demands do not exceed capacity.
Security barriers block escape routes for both fire fighters and occupants True
Non traditional types of locks provide a higher level of security True
The pumping mechanism for hydraulic prying tools can only be powered False
No single forcible entry tool handles all situations True
Cutting around a lock is another way to open a resisting door True
Interior pocket doors can be forced with the same technique used for sliding doors False
The best entry point into a burning building is to force entry through windows. False
Interior walls are more difficult to breach than exterior walls False
Gates should be pried or cut when forcing entry to cause less damage False
Which of the following may have a key pad, card reader, or fingerprint activated screen? Electronic keyless or digital locks
which of the following should be done to prevent injury when using a saw? Maintain situational awareness
Which of the following is most accurate about the care and maintenance of forcible entry tools? Report damage to tools according to department procedures
When performing forcible entry to open a door begin with minimum damage and proceed to maximum damage
which of the following is the term used for two boards connected with long carriage bolts? Strongbacks
Which of the following makes faster, rougher cuts when breaching a floor? Chain Saw
A barbed wired fence should be cut with a (an) bolt cutter
To ensure safety, an axe or prying tool should be carried with the blade, pointed or sharp edges ____ from the body Away
Carry a pike pole or hook with the tool head ____ to ensure safety when outside a structure down
When carrying a striking tool, keep the head of the tool ____ to the ground close
To ensure safety, carry a power tool with blade forward and ____ the ground Toward
The halyard and pulleys are components of an extension ladder True
The ladder tip is secured and the foot anchored only during training, when the ladder may be used for repeated exercises False
An easy way to determine the proper distance between the ladder butt and the building is to divide the working length of the ladder by four True
To climb a ladder smoothly, the right hand and foot move together then the left hand and foot False
Ladders constructed of ____ retain strength when exposed to heat and have better resistance to bouncing when climbed Wood
What is the purpose of the ladder positioning label? Indicate the proper climbing angle.
Which is the best procedure to follow when an inspection reveals possible deterioration of components Remove the ladder from service until it can be service tested
what is the max number of firefighters that can use a ladder without overloading? one firefighter every 10ft (3m)
Which of the following best describes means of escape required when personnel are working on a roof or upper story at least two ladders at remote locations from one another
to prevent personal injuries, ladders should be lifted and lowered using which group of muscles Legs
How many firefighters should be used to raise ladders of 35ft or longer three
heeling and tying in are two methods of preventing the ladder from moving away from the building
Which of the following can secure a firefighter to the ladder while performing work? Ladder belt, leg lock
Which of the following is the best placement for a ladder intended to be used for rescue through a narrow window. Ladder tip raised to just below sill
Tactical ventilation should only be performed when the fire attack hoselines and teams are in place and ready to advance toward the fire. True
The two general types of tactical ventilation used for structure fires are horizontal and vertical True
The triangle cut ventilation hole provides the least reliable information of conditions beneath the roof False
A trench cut is used to create a fire break that increases the spread of fire in a common attic structures or large structures False
Restoring the HVAC system to operation after a fire is the responsibility of the building engineer or maintenance superintendent True
Smoke control systems usually have a system diagram in the same location as the control panel, indicating where the alarm originated True
Air flow is the movement of air toward burning fuel and movement of smoke out of the compartment
For vertical ventilation to be effective, a horizontal inlet opening at or below the level of the fire is needed to provide a flow path for: for fresh air to enter the structure
mechanical ventilation methods using fans, blowers, and smoke ejectors can be applied to horizontal and vertical ventilation, but is most often used for horizontal ventilation
when conditions are appropriate, natural horizontal ventilation operations should work with existing atmospheric conditions, taking advantage of natural air flow
which mechanical ventilation methods uses higher pressure inside a building to force smoke through opening to the lower pressure area outside? Positive pressure ventilation
Positive pressure ventilation is applied to a building at ground level through the use of one or more Blowers
Which of the following actions should firefighters do to determine the difference in feel of supported areas of a roof sound the roof
roofs that may fail early in a fire and are extremely dangerous to work under roofs supported by lightweight or engineered trusses
HVAC equipment in windowless buildings may cause spread of smoke, heat and fire unless specifically designed for this purpose
two or more primary feeders should run from the source of the water supply to high risk and industrial districts along separate routes True
fire hydrant locations are generally determined by fire personnel False
Dry Barrel hydrants are designed to have water inside them at all times. False
Isolation and control valves are usually constructed of Brass
Which of the following is a hydrant that receives water from only one direction Dead-End Hydrant
Standard three way fire hydrants require a ___-inch (mm) valve opening 5 (125)
Floating strainers can draft water from sources as shallow as 24in (600mm)
Hose size refers to the external diameter of the hose False
A hose clamp should be applied approximately 5 ft (1.5m) from the coupling on the supply side. True
NFPA 1901 lists the minimum quantity of hose to be carried on a standard pumper or engine True
In a forward lay, the first coupling off the hose bed should be male false
When advancing hose up and down a stairway, the hose should be uncharged when conditions allow True
which type of hose requires the most care in cleaning Woven jacket hose
Which of the following items allow the number of hoselines operating on the fire ground to be increased or decreased Valve Devices
Which of the following statements is an advantage of the accordion load? Firefighters can easily pick up a number of folds and place on one shoulder to carry hose from bed
Which preconnected hose load is designed to be pulled by one person and must be completely removed from the bed before deploying the nozzle end Triple Layer load
Which type of hose lay is the most expedient if the apparatus must stay at the water source Reverse Lay
When deploying preconnected hoselines, which load should result in the hoseline deploying with fewer kinks and bends Minuteman Load
The primary way water extinguishes fire is by excluding oxygen from the fuel False
to prevent water hammer, valves, nozzles and hydrants should be closed slowly True
Rotary control valves control both the water flow and the discharge pattern of a fire stream True
Nozzles should be stored with the control valve bale in the open position False
The energy required to change a liquid into a vapor is Latent heat of vaporization
which of the following statements about fire streams is most accurate? Water broken into small droplets absorbs heat more rapidly
Friction loss may be overcome by adding additional parallel hoselines
which of the following fire streams is upplied by 1.5 and 3in (38mm to 77mm) hose, and discharges from 40 to 350 gpm Handline stream
Which of the following fire stream patterns has the ability to reach areas other streams might not reach Straight Stream
Which of the following statements about fog streams is most accurate Fog streams may be used to cool the hot fire gas layer
Which type of nozzle can be adjusted, resulting in different patterns Fog
Which type of nozzle can be used to effectively control fires in concealed spaces Piercing
The type of nozzle control valve that seats a movable cylinder against a shaped cone to turn off the flow of water is the: slide valve
When operating a handline, a firefighter should open the control valve slowly to better control nozzle reaction
The philosophy of loss control describes activities performed before, during, and after a fire incident to minimize losses to property True
Allowing carbon and ash stains to dry on canvas salvage covers may cause the canvas to rot True
Synthetic salvage covers require as much maintenance as canvas covers false
Overhaul procedures typically begin in the area of least severe fire involvement False
The only way to ensure fires are extinguished in baled items such as rags, cotton or hay is to break them apart True
Large smoldering items should be left inside the fire incident structure for thorough extinguishment false
which of the following best describes the results of forcible entry, ventilation, and fire extinguishment operations during loss control? Secondary damage
which of the following best describes the results of forcible entry, ventilation, and fire extinguishment operations during loss control? Secondary damage
Salvage operations may be conducted while suppression activities are underway if the situation permits and on-scene resources are sufficient
Which of the following are designed to be driven into walls or wooden framing to provide strong points to hang objects J-Hooks
Which of the following is typically the most convenient method used to carry a folded salvage cover for a two-firefighter spread On the shoulder with open edges next to the next
SCBA should be worn even if the air after a fire incident appears to be without smoke to protect firefighters from Toxic combustion products
Which of the following statements about hoselines during overhaul operations is most accurate Hoselines should be monitored for leakage, especially at couplings
Firefighters must be especially aware of checking the attic and basement for fire extension in structures using balloon construction
Which type of following construction offers the appearance of Type 3 construction? Type 5
Non Combustible construction as defined by the National Code of Canada achieves fire safety by: Using noncombustible materials for structural members and other building assemblies.
What building component supports only its weight and may divide two areas within a structure? Non-Load Bearing Wall
What part of a traditional wood-joisted roof tends to lose strength gradually when exposed to fire? Solid Wood Joist
A physical change causes a change to both chemically and in appearance False
All energy can change from one type to another True
In ambient temperatures (about 68 degrees) materials can ignite at oxygen concentrations as low as 14 percent True
The incipient stage is when the fire begins to influence the compartment environment. False
Which of the following is not actively part of the combustion reaction represented by the fire tetrahedron? Passive agents
What is the most common source of heat in combustion reactions? Chemical energy
Which of the following best describes how understanding heat transfer can help fire fighters? It can help estimate the size of the fire before attack
Sufficient heat during flaming combustion causes fuel and oxygen to form: free radicals and initiates a reaction
What fire behavior is the result of an increase in low-level ventilation prior to upper level ventilation? Backdraft
Which of the following is the most commonly used fire-suppression method? Temperature reduction
Portable fire extinguishers are only classified by the type of extinguishing agent used False
Types of portable fire extinguishers are organized by the type of agent and method used to expel contents True
Portable fire extinguisher ratings are classified according to the types of fire for which they are intended True
Most portable fire extinguishers are operated in very different ways False
Maintenance for both fire department and privately owned portable fire extinguishers is based on NFPA 10 False
A nozzle tip is too small will not deliver the volume of water required to extinguish the fire True
Elevators must not be used to transport fire crews to the fire floor True
Fires in electrical transformers are extremely rare False
The goal at a fire involving stacked and piled materials is to confine the fire to the pile or building of origin True
Standard structural turnout is appropriate for fighting ground cover fires False
What strategy is typically selected when property is not salvageable Defensive
What type of fire attack produces large quantities of steam and must be coordinated with ventiliation Indirect
Which of the following is a form of exterior exposure protection? Apply a protective spray of water or foam between the fire and exposures
When should water flow from a sprinkler be stopped Once the fire has been brought under control
Class D fires: Are reactive to water
A vehicle should be attacked from a ___ Angle 45 Degree
What type of ground cover fire is most common type and consumes low-lying grass, shrubs, and other vegetation? Surface fire
Ground cover fires are dangerous because which two elements of the fire triangle are always present? Oxygen and fuel
Which part of a ground cover fire are the sides, roughly parallel to the main direction of fire spread? Flanks
Which method used to attack ground cover fires is generally used against fires that are very hot, very big, and very fast? Indirect
When conducting a search after a structure fire, start inside the burned portion of the structure False
The area of origin may display unburned materials True
Searching for the area of origin and cause of a structure fire is similar to vehicle fires? True
The perimeter for explosions should be established at two times the distance from farthest piece of debris found. False
Overhaul operations can be detrimental to the fire investigation True
The general location where a fire began is called the: Area of origin
Which of the following typically stores materials, debris, trash and rubbish Exterior Fires
Which of the following is a fire cause classification that may refer to a situation in which each component of the ignition sequence is not specifically identified? Undetermined
Ovens, cook tops, and electrical appliances are all examples of? Ignition sources
Which of the following may indicate use of accelerants of intentionally disconnected gas lines? Heat intensity
Which of the following is a responsibility of all fire officers and fire fighters at a fire scene? Preserving evidence
One of the goals of a fire and life safety initiatives program is to encourage and empower civilians to act in a safe manner to reduce the potential fore fires, accidents, and injuries True
A fire fighter must be able to answer questions on fire and life safety topics not traditionally covered under the title of fire prevention? True
Company level preincident surveys are generally conducted on occupied private residences False
Codes are only enforceable when the suthority having jurisdiction adopts them true
Which fire and life safety program component includes investigating the cause of fires, documenting results, and providing law enforcement agencies with findings? Enforcement
Three categories of hazards that can benefit from the fire and life safety education are unsafe behaviors, unsafe conditions and Hazardous processes
Which fire and life safety audience should be positively informed what to do rather than being focused on what not to do? Pre School Children
Which of the following topics is most appropriate for high school students? Safe driving habits
Which of the following is one step a firefighter 1 can take to help locate children at risk of becoming juvenile firesetters? Include juvenile firesetter information in presentations and fire station tours
What is the term for a set of requirements similar to a standard, developed by a consensus group, and used as a starting point for the code adoption process? model code
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