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art history notes artist title genre year location and the occasional comment

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9878808b-10d3-4f08-9161-4db05bd76b59.jpeg (image/jpeg) Master of Flémalle Mérode altarpiece (triptych of the annunciation) Painting oil on wood 1425-1430 metropolitan museum of art New York common household objects represent religious meaning.
b2888955-4850-4135-b5d9-e05ae98d5c2d.jpg (image/jpg) Jan and Hubert van Eyck Ghent altarpiece: open adoration of the mystic lamb Painting oil on panel 1432 cathedral of st. bavo
0ee316dc-7cac-4f29-8cc8-2dd098a30ac5.jpeg (image/jpeg) Jan and Hubert van Eyck ghent altarpiece: closed (Annunciation with donors) Painting oil on panel 1432 Cathedral st. bavo
0bbfd8c3-1cf6-4a3d-b5ba-681484e71283.jpg (image/jpg) Martin Schongauer Temptation of St Anthony Printmaking Engraving 1480-1490 Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Swirling vortex intensifies horror
0ef7e485-473d-4541-8fbe-cb3418d83fe5.jpg (image/jpg) Filippo Brunelleschi Dome of Florence Cathedral Architecture pointed arch sandstone flying buttresses 1420-1436 Florence invented structural system reinforced layer by layer
fbbd6f47-04fe-4d90-8192-c932f850466c.jpg (image/jpg) Filippo Brunelleschi sacrifice of Isaac Sculpture bronze 1401-1402 museo nazionale del Bargello, Florence competition to design duomo
ff0c15c3-7457-4115-9733-dffdbb456a7e.jpg (image/jpg) Lorenzo Ghiberti Sacrifice of Isaac Sculpture Bronze with gilding 1401-1402 Museo Nazionale del Bargello, Florence competition to build the duomo
cfdbf86e-b0d7-40b5-a5a9-e05425aefd9c.jpg (image/jpg) Donatello David sculpture bronze 1446-1460 Museo Nazionale del Bargello, Florence medici palace orig. heighten heroism of child in contrast to appearance
4972a83f-8147-4b6f-bc47-5cbf5cba7fa0.jpg (image/jpg) Lorenzo Ghiberti Gates of Paradise Sculpture Gilded Bronze 1425-1452 Baptistery of San Giovanni, Florence Museo dell'Opera del Duomo, Florence difference between foreground and background separation of setting and events
82cb7852-4fc3-458b-8eed-0f2301a2dc5e.jpg (image/jpg) Ghiberti Jacob and Esau coherent and measurable space peopled by graceful idealized figures
f474382c-f4da-43cc-8dd0-413cf3d17788.jpg (image/jpg) Masaccio Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise Painting Fresco Brancacci Chapel, Florence 1427 psychological impact of shame
6ef8e9fc-00bb-47c0-beb0-e518c4f4ba2f.jpg (image/jpg) Masaccio The Tribute Money painting fresco 1427 Brancacci Chapel, Florence linear and atmospheric perspective interaction natural world and architecture
604c6f51-a6ff-4313-8a84-409ba2e36754.jpg (image/jpg) Fra Angelico Annunciation painting Fresco 1438-1445 North corridor monastery of San Marco, Florence
30defae2-0f49-4c3b-b0c7-e9d2f8eee61a.jpg (image/jpg) Paolo Uccello Battle of San Romano painting tempera on wood panel 1438-1440 National Gallery, London perspective
ca282518-1d0c-424c-8e3d-24c8cee2ae25.jpg (image/jpg) Sandro Botticelli Birth of Venus painting tempera and gold on canvas 1484-1486 Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence spatial illusion and linear perspective
aed59dc9-6741-4dee-9462-6fe5778ac95a.jpg (image/jpg) Piero della Francesca Battista Sforza (R) and Fredrico Da Montefeltro (L) Painting Oil on Wood Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence
f45128a2-0b72-4ead-bc86-588d2e40893d.jpg (image/jpg) Andrea Mantegna Two Views of the Camera Picta painting fresco 1465-1474 Ducal palace, Mantua perspective change in the way to view the world looking outside yourself
1e2cf62f-bbdb-49c8-84d3-680c99ccd4d5.jpg (image/jpg) Cimabue Virgin and Child enthroned painting tempera and gold on wood 1280 high alter of church of sta. trinita, Florence
9277ab73-2b8d-42ae-9af4-ea1bc951d803.jpg (image/jpg) Giotto di Bondone Scrovegini (Arena) Chapel painting fresco 1305-1306 padua
ddc5ada6-b6a0-4bb4-9406-17445ecdb0c0.jpeg (image/jpeg) Jan van Eyck Double Portrait of Giovanni Arnolfini and his wife painting oil on wood panel 1434 national gallery, london
73984b65-8812-411a-80bf-9a4c925c9869.jpg (image/jpg) rogier van der weyden Deposition painting oil on wood 1435-1438? Museo nacional del prado, madrid
06ce96be-27fd-4eaa-a619-232093fa78a3.jpg (image/jpg) Hugo van der Goes portinari altarpiece (open) painting tempera and oil on wood 1474-1476 Uffizi gallery, Florence
e3f3bd34-c267-46bf-aaa3-f10d7f0fc3e3.jpg (image/jpg) Masaccio Trinity with the virgin, St. John the evangelist, and donors painting fresco 1425-1428 Church of Sta. Maria Novella, Florence
1cc26695-ffdf-40ff-8ded-b71cf99f69d9.jpg (image/jpg) Donatello equestrian monument of Erasmo da narni (gattamelata) sculpture Bronze 1443-1453 Piazza del Santo, Padua
f966c244-baf2-4ca4-bd75-a44cf8c1b97d.jpg (image/jpg) Filippo Brunelleschi Nave, Church of San Lorenzo Architecture 1442-1470 Florence
aa8682a6-3f52-4116-a673-25bb092e0c57.jpg (image/jpg) Giuliano da Maiano Studiolo of Fredrico da montefel tro Architecture Sculpture 1476 ducal palace, Urbino
738ea34b-5dc2-48af-9e67-ec5b78df970d.jpg (image/jpg) Raphael Stanza Della Segnatura painting fresco 1510-1511 vatican rome contrast of poetry and muses w/ scientific thought
7a1473ee-b56a-4048-a7ce-4c56e8638e48.jpg (image/jpg) Leonardo da Vinci Vitruvian Man drawing ink 1490 galleria dell'accademia venice
f2f48450-3d7c-40d5-b31e-223a42062a25.jpg (image/jpg) Leonardo da Vinci Last Supper painting Fresco 1495-1498 refectory monastary sta. maria della Grazie, Milan
04964234-4bd9-4051-bfcf-fd2fedd95bf6.jpg (image/jpg) Leonado de Vinci Mona Lisa painting oil on wood 1503-1507 Musee du Louvre Paris
7c4f92ad-dcef-4f41-93d5-7c877b9ba9ee.jpg (image/jpg) Raphael Philosophy or School of Athens painting fresco 1510-1511 vatican rome
bd5133a5-f99c-493a-981a-f95cc0d05411.jpg (image/jpg) Michelangelo Pieta sculpture marble 1500 st. peters vatican, rome
7dadd554-5347-4c4c-9036-ea37c932a892.jpg (image/jpg) Michelangelo David sculpture marble 1501-1504 galleria dell'Accademia facial expression prep for battle
d7a32b7d-9e5a-4a37-84be-122ff4fbf857.jpg (image/jpg) Vatican Rome ceiling Michelangelo creation of Adam creation to moses 1508-1512 ceiling Wall fresco life of moses and christ 9645bfcd-10ac-4dbb-8a9e-57544959ee9a.jpg (image/jpg)
800881dd-b302-4a7b-aa70-50afffd5f14d.jpg (image/jpg) Michelangelo Last judgment painting fresco 1536-1541 sistine chapel vatican
57ecfd55-3c18-442b-9e57-5a749caa94f3.jpg (image/jpg) Giacomo della porta St. Peters basilica architetture 1546-1564 vatican rome
8b38f41b-4eb6-4775-a9af-358ffbaaec41.jpg (image/jpg) Nikolaus Hagenauer and Matthias Grünewald Isenheim altarpiece sculpture painting gilt limewoodoil on panel 1500-1515 Musee d'Unterlinden, colmar france
5ed9b9ab-770f-4879-9128-8fc6b473a6c3.jpg (image/jpg) Albrecht Dürerself portrait painting oil on wood panel 1500 Alte Pinakothek, Munich
3eb82904-8cbb-42f7-9ae9-498688889458.jpg (image/jpg) Albrecht Dürer Adam and Eve "the fall" print engraving 1504 Philadelphia museum of art actually just moments before fall
9542437c-d42a-4084-a6d4-0b3b8acf4714.png (image/png) Albrecht Dürer Four Apostles painting oil on wood panel 1526 alte pinakothek, Munich st. peter seems to shrink behind st. john martin luther's favorite
3fc7b423-65b6-4a83-97a9-9008d031687e.png (image/png) Hans Holbein the younger the French Ambassadors painting oil on wood panel 1533 the national gallery London illusion based on viewer perspective
c3404b50-c43f-4a5c-8832-faa3dd9e0909.jpg (image/jpg) Peter Bruegel the elder Return of the Hunters painting oil on wood panel 1565 Kunsthistorisches museum, Vienna
94035347-da3c-4de1-8e23-dd95d9f93b3b.jpg (image/jpg) Caterina van hHemessen Self Portrait painting oil on wood panel 1548 Offenctiche kunstsammlug basel switzerland
d0541030-9ce2-434c-ae3d-783ee0423c36.JPG (image/JPG) El Greco Burial of count Orgaz painting oil on canvas 1586 church of santo tomé, toledo spain
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