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Numbers 70 and above in French
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Numbers 70+ Learn about: 70-90 100 and so on
Firstly to make things better we have to separate the topic into chunks We will start with numbers 70-90
soixante-dix quarte-vingts quatre-vingt-dix seventy eighty ninety
Unlike the other numbers, numbers between 70-80 are different e.g. 22 vingt-deux 73 soixante-treize
Other than that, numbers between 80-90 are harder to comprehend e.g. 79 soixante-dix-neuf 82 quatre-vingt-deux
And you are wondering how to figure this out. Here's the rule between 70-80 Rule: Since soixante means 60 you have to add numbers from 11-20 to help. If you wanted to get the number 79, 60+__=79 Which is 19. 19=dix neuf So: 79= soixante-dix-neuf
Here is the rule for numbers between 80-90. Rule: Carry it on as normal with other numbers like 22; except with 1 it will only be quatre-vingt-un So 82= quatre-vingt-deux
This is a new one. This is the rule between 90-100. Rule: This is exactly like the 70-80 situation. So 92= quatre-vingt-douze
Now we focus on the 100s. This is like 100,200,360 e.t.c.
cent deux cents 100 200 The rule is quite simple. To get the number of 100s you need just write the number e.g 300=trois cents
Now we will move onto a hard number: trois cents soixante That is 360. To get numbers like this combine the hundreds and tens unit together like how you would do in regular maths e.g. 420=quatre cents vingt
Au revoir A bien tot
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