American west 1840 - 95 - Law and Order

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5 factors affecting law and order in the West Geographical Economic Attitudes and values Political Social
Example where the social factor influenced crime attacks on Chinese
Crimes that were influenced by the economic factor Rustling Fence Cutting Bank and Train robberies
Values and attitudes such as the right to carry a gun led to crimes such as Gun fights
4 problems associated with law and order in mining areas No law officials gold attracted criminals gambling and drinking led to fights claim jumping
2 early solutions to problems in mining towns Miners' courts Vigilantes
what are vigilantes People who take the law into their own hands
2 Problems with vigilantes They often used their power to pick on minority groups or settle grievances The accused did not get a fair trial
Problems of law and order in cow towns Few law officials who were often corrupt population increased massively in late summer gambling and drinking Conflicts between confederate cowboys and Unionist locals e.g. Abilene
Who administered law in the Territories? US marshal and 3 judges
Who provided law in towns? Marshals
Who provided law in counties? Sheriffs
What other organisations provided law and order? Pinkerton Detective Agency Texas Rangers
What was the name given to the conflict between cattle barons and homesteaders and smaller ranchers in 1892? Johnson County War
Causes of the Johnson county war protection of grazing land Protection of access to water cattle rustling Show of power by WSGA
What did the Johnson county war involve? The WSGA hired 24 hit men known as 'regulators' to kill 70 local residents in Johnson County
How many people were killed in the Johnson county war and who were they? 2 - Nate Champion and Nick Rae - 2 fur trappers
What happened the TA ranch The Regulators were caught in a siege and eventually taken to court
Were the WSGA and the Regulators convicted for their crimes No - they avoided any punishment The W.S.G.A. used their influence to escape justice
2 key positive influences on providing law and order in the west The Railway Homesteading lead to families wanting effective law and order
What was the importance of a territory reaching 60,000 people The people in the area could apply to become a state and take on responsibility for law and order locally. This meant important decisions were made more quickly.
How did new inventions help law and order? wind pumps stopped arguments over water Barbed wire stopped disputes over land boundaries and stopped cattle going on crops
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