Evaluation 1 - In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products

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This is the first frame of my music video, straight away it defy's conventions of its genre subtly with its location as it depicting a memorial of sorts for someone who died in the vain of something romantic. A video following the convention would start of something alot brighter and show a couple happily in love. The props shown in this scene are typically seen at a memorial e.g candles and flowers and dress worn when she died this is what you would typically see at a roadside memorial aside from the flowers. A video following the conventions of a jazz music video would possibly use similar props to covey an obvious romantic interest in a love interest. The camera work and editing for this scene was slow and fixed the only editing depicted in the scene was the fade to white transition to what had happened in the lead up to these events. This is not a convention that would be displayed in romantic story it is not a usual narrative it would usually follow a simple narrative what a simpler way to but it is the end wouldn't usually transition into beginning of the events.
The setting choose for this scene was typical girls bedroom. this is typical for both my video and normal videos of the genre. The costume is that of the opening scene to keep things consistent the props depict a rose and a picture of her lost love this is atypical of conventional romantic videos as it shows the early developments of a relationship. I had used a medium close up of a character to develop the audience connection the scene was over in a couple of seconds as it was meant to portray the artists lip sync ability. the scene is styled like an early 50's movie e.g Casablanca this is typical of the era they where developed in and follows the genres typical conventions. The videos story focuses on how someone unstable would cope with a relationship. This scene is one that truly establishes the artists situation. the only special effect used was the old world overlay to give of the 50s film grain.
The setting is Epping forest pond this is does not follow usual conventions of it genre as usually modern romantic/jazz videos take place in urban urban environments. there is only one prop used in this scene the valentines card, it is used in an unconventional manor, it is a depiction of suicide usually the card is a display of affection/love. the camerawork here was a close up and lingering shot on the card, their was very little editing used aside from the fade into the ending display transition. This is where the story comes full circle with pieces end it is signifying to the audience this is what the beginning was signifying (foreshadowing) the only special effect used was slowing the video down by 25 per cent.
This is another scene taking place in the confines of Epping forest, the artist is wearing her simple dress and white fabric, this was meant to display a haunting figurine, this does not follow typical conventions as the artists clothing is usually rich and overly fashionable. the camera work is an extreme close up and it was purposely done the word sung is 'mouth' and I had deliberately focused on the physical object of the mouth, the story of this scene is showing the protagonists slow downfall into depression and eventually suicide. the only effect used in this scene was the film grain effect.
This scene is set close to Epping Forest pond on its footpath. the costumes have been previously mention the girls plain dress and white material. The camera work is a tracking (dolly) shot the story of this scene was close to the characters suicide i wouldn't show the suicide as I had deemed it to far so I had wanted this to be the main lead up to the pieces tragic ending. The themes in this piece would obviously not be tackled by a traditional Jazz/romantic/story based videos. The old world overlay was used for this scene.
This is another shot of the bathtub scene in a closer shot. I had incorporated this scene as numerous angles to display that the characters fate was an inevitability, this is something that is rarely done in mainstream music videos they play it safe with a simple narrative. I had wanted to prove how my narrative could strongly oppose this convention e.g in the Michael buble video 'Save the Last Dance for me' the concept is basically just man and woman falling in love nothing more nothing less.
This image displays the beginning of the end for the main character, the setting is Epping forest, this specific was meant to establish the dark environment and themes that the piece would portray. The setting of the forest is completely different from what you would usually see in the conventional videos they are usually in modern urban environments and they are not really based on anything. and just follow Todrovs basic narrative theory.
I choose A new approach on the Jazz/romantic genre as it subverts everything that both song and genre brings across everything that would usually be rarely seen and portrayed in the genre. usually jazz/romantic video show the blossoming of a new relationship whilst mine displays the end of a the perfect relationship and what that could cause to the emotionally unstable.
I would like to address my handling of suicide as a piece of narrative in my music video. I choose this controversial topic as an important piece to my videos narrative. The first reason I choose this is was my attempt to subvert the themes that would usually be portrayed in a normal jazz video. I had also wished make a statement that all relationships don't have the happy endings that music videos bring across and in real life some relationships end in tragedy.
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