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Accurate Def: Careful and exact syn: precise
Deep def: far below the surface; complete understanding syn: thorough
Display def: to show; reveal syn: Exhibit
Gigantic def: Very large syn: enormous
Straightforward def:Easy to understand;simple;honest syn: uncomplicated
Phenomena def: natural events or facts;Strange or notable happening syn: events
Philanthropic def:feeling of love for people, usually resulting in financial aid to worthy causes. syn: Humanitarian
Dormant def: not growing or producing; asleep syn: inactive
Drab def: lacking color;uninteresting;boring syn:colorless
Dramatic def: something that captures the imagination; exciting syn: emotional
eclectic def: To select or represent something chosen from many sources or places syn: diverse
Minuscule def: a little of consequence;very small syn: Tiny
rudimentary def: simple;not complex syn: basic
Shallow def: not far from the bottom syn: superficial
Sheltered def: protected from harmful elements; isolated form reality syn: protected
Vanishing def: going out of sight syn: disappearing
Dwelling def: where people live syn: house
Emphasize def: To show that something is especially important or exceptional syn: highlight
erratic def: no regular pattern in thinking or movement; changeable without reason syn: inconsistent
Pier def: a place where boats arrive to take on or land cargo and passengers syn: dock
prevalent def: existing widely or commonly syn: commonplace
enlighten def:to give information or understanding to someone syn: instruct
intricate def:having many parts finely detailed syn: complex
Prone def: likely to do something syn: inclined to
Broaden def: to make larger or greater syn: enlarge
Conspicuously def: attracting attention syn: noticeable
erode def:to wear away; disappear slowly syn: deteriorate
noteworthy def: deserving positive attention or recognition syn: remarkable
Triumph def: a victory; a success syn: achievement
launch def: to cause something to begin syn: initiate
lethargy def: lack of energy or commitment;lazy'indifferent syn:sluggishness
affordable def:able to be done; usually referring to something you can do without damage or loss syn: economical
PEculiar def: unusual; uncommon syn: strange
potent def: very strong syn: powerful
scattered def: spread out or separated widely syn: dispersed
tedious def: long and tiring syn: monotonous
overtly def: in a way clearly seen; not done secretly syn: openly
unmistakable def: clearly able to be determined syn : indisputable
controversial def: causing disagreement or argument syn: debatable
Span def: the lenght of time or distance from one lmit to the other, tocross syn: cover
stream def: natural flow of something: a pouring out syn: river
debilitating def:weakening syn:weakning
deplete def:to use; reduce greatly syn: consume
finite def: of a certain amount; having an end; not infinite syn: limited
unravel def::\ to organize; make clear syn: sperate
assortment def: a variety syn: selection
sporadic def: not consistent;irregular syn: erratic
endure def: to last ;suffer pain syn: persevere
wanton def: done without thought or consideration; grossly negligent syn: senseless
widespread def: found everywhere syn: extensive
woo def: to make efforts to attain or gain something syn: attract
Dark Horse an obscure or unlikely candidate or contestant in a race or an election who unexpectedly emerges to replace to previously favored candidate
Do away with 1(abolish; discontinue 2(murder; get rid of
drop in the bucket a small part of the whole; relatively a very small amount
favorite son a political candidate favored by his own state
feel like doing to be inclined to; have the desire to
fly in the ointment a draw back; defect spoiling the whole
G.I short for "government issue", used to determine any american soldier from WW2
go through with complete; carry to completion
go without saying implicitly understood ; unnecessary to mention
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