Physics P4 Explaining Motion

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Symbols Speed = (M/S) - Metre per Second Distance = (M) - Metres Time Taken = (S) - Seconds / = Divide Acceleration = (M/S) to the power of 2 Momentum = (kg M/S) Mass = (kg) - Resultant Force = (N) - Newtons
Speed Equation Speed = Distance Travelled / Time Taken
Distance Equation Distance Travelled = Speed X Time Taken
Time Taken Equation Time Taken = Distance Travelled / Speed
Acceleration Equation Acceleration - Change in Velocity / Time Taken
Distance - Time Graph Gradient = Speed Flat sections mean its Stationary Downhill means its going back to the start Steeping curve means its speeding up Levelling off Curve means its slowing down
Calculate Distance - Time Graph Use scales on the Axis to work out the gradient Speed = Gradient = Vertical / Horizontal
Velocity Velocity is a more useful measure of motion. It describes both speed and direction Velocity can be negative, for example is a car turns around
Acceleration Change in Velocity or Speed
Force Forces occur when 2 objects interact
Reaction Force Example If a was on a table then the book is pushing down on the table with a force equal to the weight. The table also exerts an equal and opposite force
Friction Friction is a reaction force - It happens as a result of an applied force
Arrow on a Force - Diagram Length - Size of the Force Direction - Direction of the Force
Reaction on a Surface If an object is resting on a surface it pushes downwards (because of its weight)
Resultant Force Overall force acting on an object
Momentum Equation Momentum = Mass X Velocity
Car Safety Crumple Zones Airbags Seat Belts
Work Done Energy Transferred
Kinetic Energy Force Created by Movement
Kinetic Energy Equation Kinetic Energy = 0.5 X Mass X Velocity Squared
GPE GPE - Gravitational Potential Energy Height Energy
GPE Equation GPE = Weight X Vertical Height Difference
Falling Objects Means Kinetic Energy Gained = GPE Lost
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