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To manipulate public folders you must be a member of Exchange Public Folder, Admin role, Exchange Organization Role, and ... Local Administrator
is a company that offers its custommers access to the internet ISP
Which of the FSMO Roles act as the master time keeper PDC Emulator
What do you call creating a computer account in Active Directory before the computer is added to the domain? Pre-staging
What do you call it when domain A trusts Domain B and Domain B trusts Domain C so Domain A trusts Domain C? Transitive trusts
Which receive connector option does not require authentication? Internet
T/F The Edge Role is the only Exchange 2007 role that is optional True
What service do you need to load on Exchange to provide web pages including OWA? IIS
What command do you use to create a new Active Directory user and associated mailbox? New-mailbox
Which tool would you use to raise the domain functional level? AD Domains and Trusts
Which DNS resource records do you need after installing the Exchange Server? A and MX records
What command do you use to create a mailbox for an existing AD user? enable-mailbox
By using __ __ you can add roles that determine how new items within a public folder are processed Folder Assistant
Where should you place your Global Catalogs? On at least one Domain Controller in each site within the forest
After you add your DNS resource records, what cmd is used quickly to test the resource records? nslookup
What feature allows you to archive messages that are sent to or from a specific recipient object? Premium Journaling
When running Exchange Server 2007 standard edition, how many storage groups can you create? 5
Which editions of Exchange 2007 is Premium Journaling available in? Enterprise edition
extension used by predefined script files that can be executed by PowerShell or the Exchange Management Shell PS1
typically used to store bulk managed files that are executed by using cmdlets .csv
What can be used to reduce replication traffic? Bridgehead Server
What is the server that provides quick object access between universal groups and AD forests? Global Catalog
what Exchange Server Role should DNS MX records point to? Edge Server
What tool can be used to verify ESMTP on your email server? Telnet
To provide fault tolerance what should you do? Enable Fault clustering
How much space do you need to install Exchange Server 2007? 200MB
Which authentication method found in the authentication tab of the recieve connector properties allows POP3 and IMAP4 to automatically communicate with AD? Integrated Windows Authentication
What cmd do you use to view public folders? Get-PublicFolder
Which role provides client access to the database maintained by the Mailbox role within your organization? CAS role
Email is typically created and sent using an email client program called .... Mail User Agent (MUA)
The email server contains a program called the __ __ __ that decides where to send the email that it receives from the MUA Mail Transfer Agent (MTA)
The target email server contains a program called a __ __ __ that it uses to deliver the mail to the correct mailbox on the email server Mail Delivery Agent (MDA)
The process whereby an MTA sends email to an MDA is commonly called Email Relay
There are three main container objects Domains, OUs, and Sites
UM functions as a relay between a company's existing internal telephone system called a Private Branch eXchange (PBX)
To allow the automatic booking of available resources without using a delegate, you can add them to __ __ ___ Book-In Policy
Users in __ __ can request a resource, but the request must be approved by a delegate on the resource mailbox before the resource is booked In-Policy
Users who are in an __ __ can automatically book a resource without a delegate provided that there are no resource conflicts Out-Policy
Allows users to perform public folder administrative tasks Administrative Permissions
Administrative permission to view public folder properties ViewInformationStore
Administrative Permission that can modify the client permissions on a public folder (excluding client permissions for Admin groups such as Domain Admins) ModifyPublicFolderACL
admin permission can modify the client permissions on a public folder for Administrative groups such as Domain Admins ModifyPublicFolderAdminACL
To override email address policies, you can ___ Automatically update e-mail addresses based on e-mail address policy uncheck
Disabled mailbox users that represent rooms or equipment Resource Mailbox
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