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what are 3 strengths of the biological approach? scientific approach determinist approach successful applications
briefly what is a scientific approach? measurable variables enable well controlled objective research.
briefly what is determinist approach? casual relationships can be identified
briefly what is successful applications? e.g selyes research led to improved treatment for injured patients.
in the biological approach give an example of why the scientific approach is a strength? psychosurgery based on earlier research that has linked areas of the brain to certain behaviours such as aggression. lends itself to scientific research can be used to support biological explanations
give an example of how the determinist approach is a strength in biological approach? the neurotransmitter dopamine has been linked with the mental disorder schizophrenia. drug amphetamine is known to increase levels of dopamine lots of the drug can cause schizophrenia symptoms. schizophrenia medication reduces levels of dopamine. suggesting that dopamine causing symptoms.
explain why successful applications are a strength in biological approach? selye impact of learning link between stress and illness. large amount of other research said that people recover slower from a wound if they are stressed. understanding is applied to hospitals.
name 3 weaknesses of the biological approach? reductionist approach nature rather nurture tends to ignore individual differences
briefly what is reductionist approach? complex behaviour is reduced to actions of neurotransmitters and brain activity
briefly what is nature rather than nurture? ignores other factors such as life experiences and emotions
briefly explain what is meant by tending to ignore individual differences? e.g some people become more stressed than others
give an explanations of how reductionist approach is use din the biological approach? reducing experience of stress to the action of the hormone adrenalin. it is part of understanding how the system works we may lose a real understanding of the thing we investigating.
explain how nature rather than nurture is used in the biological approach? mental illness have many causes, biological approach focuses on just biology and ignores life experiences. example of this schizophrenia as they base it on abnormal levels certain neurotransmitters rather how the patients feel about illness.
how is individual differences a weakness int he biological approach? tends to ignore differences between individuals. for example when stressed some people produce higher levels of adrenaline than other, which in turn, affects research studies a few affects long term effects of stress.
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