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By default, deleted items are maintained for __ days 14
What service is used for MAPI clients such as Outlook 2007 to obtain free/busy information for calender scheduling? Availability Service
What is the practice of protecting information such that it can only be read by certain users? Cryptography
What is another name for the Active/Passive cluster? Single Copy Cluster (SCC)
an estimation when the workload of an exchange server exceeds the current hardware so you can plan when to upgrade or replace a server Baselining
Port __ is the SMTP port 25
What would you use to include a legal notice disclaimer? Create a transport role
True/False When you use a digital certificate handed out by a third party, the certificate comes from a certificate authority. True
When using FSE, which job is used to scan the Mailbox role server? Realtime Scan Job
What is used to speed searching for email and public folder items? Full-text indexes
Which program is the configuration program that can be used to modify the BlackBerry Infrastructure server name and ports used to SRP? BlackBerry Server Configuration
What program can you use to track emails? Exchange Management Console
By default, where do you find the message tracking logs? C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\TransportRoles\Logs\MessageTracking\
Which queue is email placed if the email is sitting on a hub server waiting to be delivered directly to the mail server? Mailbox delivery queue
Emails relayed through the Edge and Hub role server within your organization are stored in an ___ ___ until the appropriate component can process them. email queue
By default, ActiveSync uses basic authentication, how is the data protected? Replace the self-signed SSL certificate with a CA-signed certificate
How many network cards does the SCC require to operate for each server? 2
Which type of backup backups the transaction logs that were created since the last full backup and does not remove any transaction logs? Differential
What other program can you use to backup the registry? Regedt32.exe
What does an NLB cluster use to make the other nodes aware of a failure of one of its nodes? Heartbeat
Which edition of Exchange is NLB available on? All editions
What do you click on if FSE misidentified an email as an infected email? Click the quarantined icon to retrieve it
What do you use to denote that all emails can be received from an external domain on the internet? *(asterisk)
You have Exchange Server 2007 Enterprise Edition, how many RSG can you have on each mailbox role server? 1
What program would you use to undelete emails before they are deleted permanently from Exchange? Outlook 2003 or 2007
What option with the eseutil.exe do you use to repair tables in the Exchange database? /p
Besides fault tolerence, what does NLB provide? Increased performance
What should the maximum volume be for the current disk queue length? 2
What option would you use with the get-mailboxstatics command to export out to a .csv file? Export .csv
What program would you use to test IMAP, POP3 or SMTP at the command prompt? Telnet
What command executed at the Exchange Management Shell would you use to list the POP3 configurations on a CAS role server? Get-POPsettings
What company owns and maintains the BlackBerry infrastructure? Research In Motion
What command executed at the Exchange Management Shell will verify all services are set to start automatically at boot time? Test-ServiceHealth
What protocol sends phone calls and traffic over a standard TCP/IP network to reduce cost of a phone system? VoIP
What software can a third party smartphone use to connect the BlackBerry infrastructure? BlackBerry Connect
What technology allows you to integrate your PBX system with your Exchange Servers voicemails and faxes? UM (Unified Messaging)
By default, ActiveSync users basic clear text authentication, how is the data protected? Uses an encrypted HTTPS session
True/False The use of an Enterprise activated password that is sent over the ISP, is NOT a method for BlackBerry users to activate their BlackBerry smartphones. True
Which of the following is not personal information manager data? Blueprints
Which edition of Exchange supports clustering? Enterprise
Besides SCC requiring two servers for the active and passive nodes, what else does it require? Shared storage device
What do you call a participating computer that is part of a failover cluster? node
Which version of Windows supports Active/Passive clustering? Enterprise
How can you restrict certain emails from being sent to people outside of the company? Classification
What is a disadvantage of encryption? It takes processing power which may slow performance
What can be used to make the system keep its own block list updated? IP Block List Provider
What service does MAPI clients use to automatically configure a new Exchange or Outlook Anywhere account? Autodiscover service
What is the mail configuration tool for the BlackBerry to manage your users and smartphones? BlackBerry Manager
What would you want to backup from the CAS role server? IIS configuration
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