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Do you need to use a computer to create a database No Anyone can create a database on paper, but you cannot run a query to find it manually.
Which Microsoft application is used to create Databases Microsoft Access
Which software tool is used to send personalised letters Mailmerge.
Give one advantage of using a paper based Database You do not need database software training.
the most common hair colour in this class is Brown. (Is this data or information.) Information.
Would you find a single piece of data in a table or a field. Field.
What is a primary key used for To hold a unique piece of data in a record.
What database feature checks to see if data meets certain rules when entered to a table? Validation.
Which validation rule would you use to limit what a user can enter to only a few options, e.g. male or female? List Check.
What is a database record? All the data about one item in the database.
What is the unnecessary repetition of data called? Data redundancy.
What is data validation? The process of checking data as it is entered into the system to ensure it is entered correctly.
What is data verification? The checking that data is true or correct (usually by human checking).
How are tables linked together in a database? By using a Primary Key. The primary key in one table is linked to another table as a foreign key.
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