Ag Sales: Career Opportunities

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The top five hardest jobs to fill in the US Sales Representatives
What is the competitive edge for sales? How your TREAT your customers
The one thing your competitors can not take away from you is what? Your RELATIONSHIP with the customers
The majority of your success in life depends on what? Your ability to communicate and manage personal relationships
How can you change a person's behavior? Changing your attitude toward them.
Define Selling. Selling is the personal communication of information to persuade a prospective customer to buy something which satisfies that person's needs.
One word meaning of sales. WORK
Two word meaning of sales. WORK HARD
A crucial part of the business marketing effort. Personal Selling.
Personal Selling relies heavily on interpersonal interactions between who? Buyers and sellers.
Who must initiate and enhance customer relationships? Sellers
A significant advantage over most other forms of marketing communications. Feedback
Trust-based selling involves what? Customer oriented, honest/ trustworthy, dependable, unique
Must meet customer needs. Customer Strategy
Define Trust-Based Selling. Focuses on solving customer problems, providing opportunities and adding value to customer's business over time.
Define Customer Value. Determined by customers' perception of what they get in exchange for what they have to give up.
The six characteristics of sales as a profession. -profession is a learned pursuit performed for the public good. -common language. -accumulated body of knowledge. -systematic method of procedures -set of professional skills -code of ethics -autonomy/ public trust
The most important characteristic of sales as a profession. Code of Ethics
Benefits of sales as a career. attractive salary and benefits, opportunities for advancement, independence, challenging and mobility
Disadvantages of career in sales. Stressful Doesn't have great reputation Face rejection from prospective customers May be short-lived if not productive
Selling products such as investments, insurance, real estate, advertising and consulting service
Selling products to consumers for personal, non-business use. Retail
Selling products to middlemen who in turn re-sell products to other firms. Wholesale
Selling for the company who makes the product. Manufacturer's Representative
Functions of a salesperson. -territory manager -provides solutions to customer's problems -provides service to customers -sells to current and new customers -helps customers re-sell products -builds goodwill with customers -provides company with market/ competitor information
Skills required in sales. -information gathering -listening and questing -competitive/ goal oriented -optimistic outlook -knowledge of job and products -time management -strategic problem solving -willingness to provide good customer service -physical and mental conditioning
7.5 classic steps to goal setting and achievement 1. identify it 2. date it 3. list obstacles you will have to overcome 4. list groups and people to contact who will work with you and help you 5. make a list of skills and knowledge 6. make an action plan 7. list of benefits of goal achievement 7.5 take action every day
Average age of salesperson 33
What percent of salespeople attend or graduate college? 81%
How many have a graduate degree? 9%
Average length of service. 6.3 years
Types of Pay: 20% salary 30% commission 50% combination
Experienced sales people make? 80,000
Training lasts how long? 3 months on average
Sales calls cost how much? 100-350
How many sales calls per day? 6.5
Average hours a salesperson spends per week in selling activities. 41 hours, plus additional 10 hours per week
Define B2B. The exchange of products, services or information between businesses rather than between businesses and consumers.
The sales cycle. 1. prepare for call 2. perform needs analysis 3. present strategy and fulfill needs 4. after call follow up 5. close the sale
The main focus in selling. Focus on solving customer problems
Main function of a salesperson. Provide solutions to customers' problems
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