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What are the variable types and what can they store? String: text Boolean: True or False Integer: whole numbers Real: numbers with decimal point
Name two design notations Give an example of both Graphical (flowchart) Text (Pseudocode)
List two things that make your code more "readable" Internal Commentary - explaining what your code does Meaningful variable names
Name the three types of testing, give a defination for each one Normal: in range Extreme: at the edges of range Exceptional: out of range
Name the three types of errors Syntax, Logic and Execution Check out the “Know your Errors” section on our website –
How do you convert bits to bytes? Divide by 8
How do convert bytes to bits Multiply by 8
Give advantages of using vector graphics Each object can be moved independently. Background isn't stored (reduces file size) File is size is smaller
Give disadvantages of using Vector graphics Not suitable for pictures or moving images
What is bitmap? Binary Colour code in pixels
Name three storage devices Flash Drive Hard Drive Opical Storage (CD, DVD etc)
You need to know four legal acts, name them Data Protection Act Computer Misuse Act Copyright, Designs and Patents Act Communications Act (Everything about the law -
What are the three main parts of the processor? ALU (Arithmetic and Logic Unit) Control Unit Registers
What does RAM stand for? Random Access Memory
What is Translation? When high level programs need to be translated into machine code in order for the computer to run the program
What is a DOS attack? A Denial of Service attack - When a group of machines overload a website with requests so that it is unable to load. Meaning that the website effectively goes offline
List things that make a user interface more "user friendly" Easy navigation Good readability Clear and consistant visual layout Correct for the target audience
What is the difference between internal and external hyperlinks? Internal goes to pages in the same domain and exteral links to pages on websites outside the domain
What is a Syntax error? Misspelt variables or parts of the code. These stop the program from working
What happens to data stored in the ROM when the computer is switched off? Nothing, it remains the exact same
Name two standard formats for sound and give details about them WAV - High quality, large file size MP3 - reasonable quality, smaller file size
Name three output devices Monitor Speakers Printer
Name four input devices Keyboard Scanner Mouse Microphone See more at
What does HTML stand for? Hyper Text Markup Language
Name three security risks to data DOS attack Viruses Hackers
Name three software security precautions Passwords Firewall Anti-virus software
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