Ag Sales: Customer-Oriented Model

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Call Phase I: Establishing Rapport
Call Phase II: Discovering Customer's Needs
Call Phase III: Making Your Presentation
Call Phase IV: Closing the Sale
Call Phase V: Thank You Note
Call Phase One: Establishing Rapport Introduce yourself and your company Initiate social conversation Shift attention to topic of business
Call Phase Two: Discovering Customer's Needs Discovering Customer's Needs and Situation Factors Confirm Customer's Needs
The purpose of the sales call Gather information so that together we see how the features of the product solve the prospect's needs
Why do we ask questions? Become genuinely interested in other people.
Call Phase Three: Making Presentation Propose a customer actions Explain How needs are met by this action Verify the proposed customer action
The worst kind of presentation what? Answers to questions that have not been asked.
Anything that can be seen, felt, measured or demonstrated. Feature
Whatever provides customer with advantage or gain. Benefit
Call Phase Four: Closing the Sale Ask for customer commitment Ask customer to initiate action- if YES Confirm sale
Call Phase Four: Close the Sale if NO Ask for customer commitment ask to initiate action negotiate buyer resistance
Working to reach an agreement that is mutually satisfactory to both buyer and seller Negotiation
Five different types of buyers Need Product Source Price Time
The toughest to over come. You must prove product is a good investment. Need
Product may be new or not well established. Prospect may be satisfied with current price. Product
Prospect may be loyal to present supplier who doesn't have your product and doesn't want to do business with another supplier who has it. Source
Most common form of buyer resistance. Price.
Prospect say they need time to think about the purchase. Time
Define Negotiation Working to reach an agreement that is mutually satisfactory to both buyer and seller
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