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Force Force=mass x acceleration F=ma
Density Density= mass÷volume ρ=m÷v
Speed Average speed= distance÷time
Acceleration Acceleration= change in velocity÷time A= (v-u)÷t
Weight Weight= mass x gravity w= mg
Moment around a point Moment= force x distance from point m= fd
Spring Load= spring constant x extension F= kx
Pressure Pressure= force÷area P= f÷a
Pressure (liquid) Pressure= density x gravity x depth P=ρgd
Temperature (Kelvin) Temperature Kelvin= Temperature Celcius + 273
Gases Pressure (1) x Volume (1)÷ Temperature (1)= Pressure (2) x Volume (2)÷ Temperature (2)
Work Work = Force x distance moved w= fd
Work Work = Force x distance moved w= fd
Gravitational potential GP= mass x gravity x height GP= mgh
Kinetic energy KE= half x mass x velocity^2 KE= 1/2mv^2
Specific heat capacity Energy transferred= mass x specific heat capacity x temp change E= mcΔt
Latent heat Energy transfered= mass x latent heat E= mL
Power Power= work ÷ time= energy transferred ÷ time p= w÷t
Efficiency Efficiency= work done ÷ input= energy output ÷ input= power output ÷ input
Wavespeed Speed= frequency x wavelength v= fλ
Period Frequency= 1 ÷ period f= 1÷t
Refraction Refractive index= sin angle of incidence÷ sin angle of reflection n= sin(i)÷sin(r)
Internal reflection Sin critical angle= 1÷reflective index sin c= 1÷n
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