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According to Phyllis Grosskurth, what is the most important thing in aging? Acceptance
True/False: Though it is riskier, Phyllis and her husband redesigned their home, so that she can stay at home. True
What generation is making Canada more aged in the population? Baby Boomers
Canada is being criticized for what flaw in their policies for seniors? Not having a national plan for seniors
By age 85, what proportion of seniors will have dementia? 1 in 3
What initiative was introduced to keep seniors independent longer, and to place money away from institutions and into the community? Aging At Home
The shift in focus of where money is being spent is directed away from hospitals and towards __________ and ___________. Prevention and Home care
How many Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) were opened to provide care at home and control access to long-term care facilities? 14 LHINs (with 14 Community Care Access Centres (CCACs))
True/False: The CCAC provides enough care to keep seniors at home. False (Without additional support, there is a need for a nursing home)
True/False: Community-based programs obtain a substantial amount of money to support the needs of seniors. False (These programs receive very minimal money)
A new initiative is in place to aid seniors to avoid falling injuries, and to aid in exercise and nutrition. What 3 advantages come from this program? 1. Strength 2. Concentration 3. Knowing to take time to avoid falls
What program targets aging soldiers or their widows, and provides services to help them stay independent? Veterans Independence Program (VIP)
True/False: VIP replaces the support from the CCAC. False (VIP supplements the CCAC to help seniors to stay at home)
True/False: Study found that wait lists for nursing homes shrank when veterans joined VIP because they could manage at home. True
What is the name of the facility that allows seniors to participate in the performing arts and stay active? Performing Arts Lodge (PAL)
True/False: Performing Arts Lodge provide a cheaper place to live and a community for seniors, but residents here must be active and participate. True
What 4 services do seniors receive to help allow them to stay independent and at home? Personal care, Laundry, Grocery aid, and Meal preparation
Network that provides affordable housing for older women who are faced with poverty. Older Women's Network
What are the 2 goals of the Older Women's Network? 1. Improve pensions in Canada 2. More mandated home care
True/False: Older Women's Network includes only aid for women. False (More than just women, but women are the focus)
Facility that provides for Chinese immigrants as they are hindered by the language barrier and often left in isolation in old age. Chinese Community Nursing Home (Yee Hong Center for Geriatric Care)
True/False: Yee Hong Center for Geriatric Care provides for South Asian, Filipino, and Japanese seniors as well as Chinese seniors. True
What are the 3 advantages of the Yee Hong Center for Geriatric Care? 1. Community culture activities 2. Meals 3. Care that is in their language and caters to their values and beliefs
Program that trains seniors to take their own blood pressure and assess themselves for strokes and heart attack risk factors. Cardiovascular Health Awareness Program (CHAP)
True/False: Cardiovascular Health Awareness Programs provides a system to manage diabetes and heart diseases, so elderly can still live longer independently. True
What is the name of the network that forms a province-wide discussion on major health topics in the aging community? Seniors Health Research Transfer Network (SHRTN)
What are the 2 goals of the Seniors Health Research Transfer Network? 1. More innovations and improvement 2. Knowledge exchange basis on a larger capacity
What program provides memory aids using technology (palm pilots) to aid seniors in life? Memory Link
Which program aids in getting elderly people off the street? Mid-Toronto Program
How does the Mid-Toronto Program aid isolated seniors? Social activity, calling people, bingo, bowling, and bringing meals
Which program helps elderly to stay at home and gives them care? Seniors are given a pull cord in case of emergency, so that they can be independent. Supportive Housing Project for Seniors
Dr. Mark makes home visits to seniors before they die. What does he also do during his visits? He photographs them.
True/False: Medical system needs more doctors to make home visits, but they would be paid less than office appointments. True
Many seniors do not want to be in a nursing home and would not receive treatments without Dr. Mark's visits. What would allow these seniors to receive treatment? More doctors for home visits.
Henry Legg is 93. She has no pain and mind is still there. How has she remained healthy? She remains active, cheerful, hard working, and socially active.
Jeanne Calment lived for 122 years and showed no sign of dementia in death. To what lifestyle trait does she attribute her health? Mediterranean diet
What is the hardest thing to face in life? Facing death
True/False: You need to learn to be independent and should not feel shame about it. False (Need to learn to be interdependent)
What is the most important thing in caring for elderly? Kindness
What is a possible solution? Problem: Seniors clogging up emergency rooms. Incentive program to get communities to work on getting seniors discharged earlier.
What is a possible solution? Problem: Too far geriatricians to support the incoming seniors. 1. Provide more training to family doctors. 2. Get seniors to specialists. 3. Grants to encourage student to become geriatricians. 4. Increase pay for geriatricians.
What is a possible solution? Problem: Overmedication of seniors. Access to electronic prescribing system to monitor, prescribe less, and encourage more healthy behaviours.
What is a possible solution? Problem: Deterioration of mind and body based on internalizing ageism. Health promotion and education to promote positive behaviours and to encourage seniors to enter programs that can aid their health.
What is a possible solution? Problem: Doctor not making house calls. Increase money for doctor's that make house calls.
What is a possible solution? Problem: Cost to keep seniors in long-term care facilities. Transform culture of nursing homes to include more senior participation to give a better sense of home.
What is a possible solution? Problem: Too many programs, but no national framework. Create a national program to improve seniors' lives.
What is a possible solution? Problem: Lack of housekeeping and ground keeping. VIP provide this service to veterans, and it can be expanded to non-veterans with more volunteers.
What is a possible solution? Problem: Isolation, depression, and boredom. Peer counsellors, training in how to talk to seniors, and volunteers to speak with seniors.
What is a possible solution? Problem: Elder abuse. Mandatory reporting of elder abuse and provide more support for seniors who experience abuse.
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