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Vocabulary del 2ndo Parcial

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To Cause worry to someone: Answer: Concern.
To take Place: Answer: Occur.
To Solve or Calculate Correctly: Answer: Work Out.
To get married: Answer: Tie the knot.
Any plan showing how money is to spent: Answer: Budget.
The title given to male child to describe his relationship to other children of his parents: Answer: Brother.
Its like "Open Mind" Answer: Open Up.
Promise legally in writting Answer: Contract.
The member of a family who earns the money that the family needs: Answer: Breadwinner.
To think of as likely to happen or come: Answer: Expectation.
A Husband or Wife: Answer: Spouse.
Causing or feeling love: Answer: Romantic.
Two persons who are in some way connected: Answer: Couple.
Common legal step taken before marriage: Answer: Prenuptial.
Its like the verb "Annoy" (Synonym) Answer: Bother
A strange or unusual habit Answer: Quirk
Make sure someone is doing somenthing correctly: Answer: Check up on.
The Mixture of gases that surrond the earth: Answer: Atmosphere
Gases that cause the earth to Cool down: Answer: Greenhouse gases.
Have the opposite effect as somenthing else: Answer: Offset
to help make somenthing happen: Answer: Contribute.
A unit of weight equal to 2,000 pounds, or 0.907 metric tons Answer: Ton
Somenthing that is sent into the air: Answer: Emissions.
Not able to be seen: Answer: invisible
The effect of an event or situation: Answer: Impact.
difficult to do: Answer: Challenging
One person: Individual.
Noticiable or important: Answer: Significant.
Ashamed or sad because someone has hurt you: Answer: Guilty
the introduction of harmful substances or products into the environment: Answer: Pollution.
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