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Define home page The starting page for a website, it often has links to other parts of the site.
Define HTML HyperText Markup Language, the language used to write web pages.
Define Source The HTML code to create a web page.
Define Hypertext A body of text, graphics stored in a machine-readable form and structured so that a reader can cross-refer between related items of information.
Name four basic HTML tags html head title body
What is HTML made of? Tags
What's in the skeleton program? <html> <head> <title> </title> </head> <body> </body> </html>
What do these tags do? <h1> to <h6> : heading sizes <b> : bold <i> : italic <u> : underline <br> : a single line break <p> : new paragraph <hr> : thematic change in the context <marquee> : <center> : centers text <sub> and <sup> : sub scripted text
What are attributes? They change the properties of the tag. e.g. <h1 align=center> HTML lesson </h1> h1 is the tag align=center is the attribute
Create an un-ordered list. <ul> <li>coffee</li> <li>tea</li> <li>milk</li> </ul>
Create an ordered list. <ol> <li>coffee</li> <li>tea</li> <li>milk</li> </ol>
Create a hyperlink. <a href="url">link text</a>
Create an image. <img src="name of image + type" alt=" ">
What is a head tag? The head tag usually contains information about the web page.
Describe the purpose of the meta elements line. Can be used by search engines to list the page. Provides metadata about the document.
Name some web-safe fonts. Arial Arial Black Comic Sans MS Courier New Georgia Impact Times New Roman Trebuchet MS Verdana
What colour is white? What colour is black? FFFFFF 000000
Name and describe three colour schemes that are used in web design.. Monochromatic - use of a single base colour and any number of tints or shades of that colour. Analogous - use of any three colours that are side by side. Complementary - use of colours that are located opposite each other on the colour wheel.
What are cascading style sheets? The solution to separate structure from style. One CSS may be written and applied to all.
What should you use HTML for? What should you use CSS for? HTML - Structure CSS - Style/Layout
What are the three selectors for CSS? Type selectors Class selectors ID selectors
What's a class selector used for? Can be used to select any HTML element that has a class attribute. To define: .boldRed {color : red; font-weight : bold} To use: <h1 class=boldRed> Hello World! </h1>
What's an ID selector used for? It's an alternative to a class selector. In a style sheet it is declared with a # as follows: To define: #header {background-colour : Red} To use: <div id = "header">
What's the difference between an ID selector and a class selector? ID selectors identify a specific element and therefore must be unique on the page (can be used only once per document) while classes can be used multiple of times.
What elements is a block-level element and what does it do? <div></div> <p></p> <h#></h#> <ol></ol> It marks divisions in page structure.
What are the CSS properties? font-family : Arial font-weight : bold font-style : italic text-decoration : underline font-size : 20pt colour : blue text-align : center background-colour : yellow
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