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A set of Q&A cards to help you with revision for your biology exams. It covers units B1, B2 and B3 (from the OCR Gateway science exam board).It is a work in process and i will add more cards as my revision progresses. Any words in capitals are important! All information and questions sourced from the CGP GCSE Biology Higher Level Revision Guide for the OCR Gateway Exam Board. DOES NOT INCLUDE OCR 21st CENTURY SCIENCE! Aimed at year 10 and 11 students. Hope it helps and good luck in your exams!

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What's the difference between being 'FIT' and 'HEALTHY'? Being 'FIT' is a measure of how well you can perform physical tasks. Being 'HEALTHY' is being free of any infections or diseases.
Explain one way that smoking can increase blood pressure (BP) Cigarettes contain CARBON MONOXIDE which combines with the HAEMOGLOBIN in the red blood cells. This reduces the amount of oxygen the red blood cells can carry so the body has to compensate so that the tissues get enough oxygen. To do this, the heart rate must increase so it contracts more frequently, which increases BP. OR NICOTINE increases the heart rate so the heart contracts more often so BP increases.
How do narrow arteries increase the risk of a heart attack? The CORONARY ARTERIES supply the heart with blood. If these arteries narrow (PLAQUES in the artery wall) the blood flow to the heart is restricted and the heart receives less oxygen. If a THROMBOSIS (blood clot) occurs in an already narrow artery then blood flow to the heart can be cut off completely. No oxygen to the heart causes a heart attack.
What causes Kwashiorkor? Eating TOO LITTLE PROTEIN. It is more common in developing countries because overpopulation means that PROTEIN-RICH food is high in demand and not enough is being produced because... There is not enough money to invest in agriculture so the best farming resources and techniques are not available so protein-rich food is not produced at a high enough rate.
What does 'PARASITE' mean? An organism that lives of znother organism (or HOST) an will often cause it harm.
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