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the catering industry -catering establishments provide food/drink -catering establishments may be commercial (profit making) or non-commercial (non-profit making)
food service types of food service include: -cafeteria service -fast-food service -vended service -seated customer service -buffet service -carvery service
job role, employment and training staff can be -full time -part time - casual or seasonal management- restaurant manager supervisory- sous chef, head waiter operative- kitchen porter, waiting staff
health,safety and hygiene food poisoning is caused by -infected food handlers -cross-contamination -food prepared too far in advance -not thawing frozen food properly -hot-holding food below 63 degrees -undercooking food -not re-heating food
accident prevention -handle knives with care -mop up floor to prevent slipping -clean surfaces regularly -keep fire exits clear
HACCP (hazard analysis critical control points) storage of food- dry,chilled and frozen chilled storage-between 1 and 5 degrees serving- obey the 4 hour rule for cold food and 2 hour rule for hot food receipt of food- checking deliveries- for temperature and quality control points purchase of food-buy from reputable suppliers
food hygiene regulations food premises-must be clean, have good toilet facilities, have hot and cold water available. personal hygiene-correct footwear, uniform, headwear, good personal habits, good health and cleanliness hygienic practices-food must be stored correctly, waste disposed hygienically and no animals in food areas
cooking methods stir-frying boiling roasting
types of knives chef's knife palette knife vegetable knife peeler
safety rules regarding knives -keep knives sharp-blunt knives are dangerous -keep handles dry and grease free -carry knives with the blade facing downwards -never try to catch a falling knife
food packaging -protecting the contents -keeps food fresh -makes food easier to handle and to transport -improves hygiene -makes contents look attractive gives information contents,storage and use
risk assessment identify risks or hazards e.g. fire decide who may be harmed and how take necessary precautions and evaluate risks
key temperatures -18=freezer temperature 1-5=fridge temperature 5-63=the danger zone- where bacteria multiply rapidly 72=two minutes (minimum core temp of reheated food) 75=core temp of cooked food 100=boiling water 170-190=temp of hot oil
specialist catering equipment small: mixers, microwave, blender medium: potato chippers, floor standing mixer, mincing machine. large: ovens, fryers, steamers, grill, floor standing mixer.
potato chippers used to peel potatoes on a mass scale.
floor standing mixer a more efficient and a faster way of whisking in a kitchen.
steamer a large piece of catering equipment that is normally used to steam vegetables.
mincing machine a kitchen utensil normally used by butchers cuts or chops food especially meat into small pieces.
grill a large piece of catering equipment used to cook meat on an apparatus topped by a grated metal framework for cooking food over direct heat, as a gas or charcoal fire.
bratt pan used to cook large volumes of food and are always used in catering establishments and rarely in a domestic home. the name "bratt" comes from the German word brat which means to fry
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