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For a projectile (in absence of air resistance) Horizontal Component of Velocity is constant Acceleration is in the vertical direction and is the same as that of a vertically free-falling object
The time of flight of a projectile is determined by The change in vertical component of velocity and the acceleration
The range of a projectile is calculated by multiplying the horizontal component of velocity and the time of flight.
The maximum height of a projectile can be calculated from The vertical component of the initial velocity and the acceleration or the time of flight and the acceleration
Air Resistance A resistive force that acts in the opposite direction to the velocity of a projectile at any instant
The magnitude of the force of air resistance on an object depends on shape, size, speed and the surface texture and the density of the air
The velocity of an object moving with uniform circular motion continually changes direction and hence accelerates. (The speed remains constant)
The direction of the acceleration of an object undergoing UCM is towards the centre of the circle (centripetal)
When a vehicle travels round a banked curve at the correct speed for the banking angle, the centripetal acceleration is caused by: The horizontal component of the normal force on the vehicle (not the frictional force on the tyres)
Newtons Law of Universal Gravitation Any two particles experience mutually attractive gravitational forces along the line joining them. The magnitude of these forces is directly proportional to the product o the masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.
The centres of circular orbits of Earth satellites must coincide with the centre of the Earth because: For uniform circular motion to occur the only force acting should be a force inward (or down). If the centre of the circle does not coincide with the centre of the Earth, there will be a sideways component of the force acting, and so UCM cannot occur.
Law of Conservation of Momentum In an isolated system (one where no unbalanced external forces act) the total momentum of the system remains the same regardless of any interactions between objects.
Impulse The change in momentum
Newtons Second Law in terms of momentum The net force is the rate of change of momentum with time.
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